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Using D20 Modern for T20: Talents


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The Base classes each have a set of Talents, a collection of feat trees that the player may select from alternating from the base feats. Talent trees have become something of a forgotten child of the D20 modern rules. They are a flexable approach to the "Class Features" which the advanced and prestige classes take.

I've taken a number of prewritten talents, added three of my own and assigned them to the eight base classes as presented previously.

Sources: 1: Modern SRD, 2: 22 Talent Trees, 3: Another 22 Talent Trees, 4: Versatile Hero, 5: New Talent Tree
Accuracy Talent Tree3 [Fast]
Authority Talent Tree4 [Social]
Agile Talent Tree3 [Fast]
Applied Theory Talent Tree5 [Scholarly]
Brawler Talent Tree3 [Strong]
Charm Talent Tree1 [Charismatic]
Connected Talent Tree5 [Social]
Damage Reduction Talent Tree1 [Tough]
Defensive Talent Tree1 [Fast]
Eidetic Memory Talent Tree5 [Scholar]
Elusive Talent Tree2 [Fast]
Empathic Talent Tree1 [Dedicated]
Energy Resistance Talent Tree1 [Tough]
Extreme Effort Talent Tree1 [Strong]
Facetious Talent Tree2 [Charismatic]
Fast Learner Talent Tree2 [Smart, Scholar]
Fast-Talk Talent Tree1 [Charismatic]
Healing Talent Tree1 [Dedicated]
Ignore Hardness Talent Tree1 [Strong]
Increased Speed Talent Tree1 [Fast]
Insightful Talent Tree1 [Dedicated]
Intimidating Talent Tree2 [Charismatic]
Leadership Talent Tree1 [Charismatic, Social]
Like A Rock Talent Tree2 [Strong]
Melee Smash Talent Tree1 [Strong]
Mighty Talent Tree2 [Strong]
Need for Speed Talent Tree2 [Fast]
Oracle Talent Tree2 [Dedicated]
Pulchritudinous Talent Tree2 [Charismatic]
Quick Thinking Talent Tree2 [Smart]
Research Talent Tree1 [Smart, Scholar]
Selfless Talent Tree2 [Dedicated]
Strategy Talent Tree1 [Smart]
Survivalist Talent Tree3 [Tough]
Tactical Talent Tree2 [Smart]
Thick Skinned Talent Tree3 [Tough]
Toxin Resistance Talent Tree2 [Tough]
Unbreakable Talent Tree1 [Tough]
Virtuous Talent Tree2 [Dedicated]