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Economic Model in "World Tamers"

Hi, I'm playing the Economic Model from the suplemment "World Tamers", and I think that it has to be wrong because I need, p.e., 4 people to give material to one farmer, that only gets rations for two people (¿?¿?).

Anybody knows if there is any Errata o Modifications to the original rules?

The definition of laborer and person are very garbled. The little box at the bottom of P27 implies that for 800 people about 200 are actually working and the rest are dependents etc. (who fill out the roles of children, old age pesioners, and the other various jobs such as teachers, doctors etc).

However the box says that all 800 people are classified as laborers for the economic model. This is confirmed by the paragraph headed Labor under the Basic structure (P27). It says there that a family of 4 counts as 4 laborers for the economic model.

As for actually running the model. It can be done, but it is easier to put it onto an excell spreadsheet, and let that do the number crunching.

if you want I can supply an excell spreadsheet that will do for a small colony.

Yes, please, because the misunderstanding could be in that idea (1 or 4). I don't think that the economic model is wrong, but it's a great great flaw that it isn't any example :( for the economic model.