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Children's TV Show : "II Enri, a True Imperial Hero"

Baroun Tardis

Something that's flavor text / intro for a series of "Intro to Traveller" adventures for new players in my Carmel document...


II Enri, a True Imperial Hero​

“Imperial Issue Enri” is a video or tri-vid show shown across the Imperium intended to be viewed by 6 to 16 year old kids. There's a different Enri show produced in each sector. The main character is Marine O3 Enri __. For the Pratoria sector where Carmel is, it's Enri Peters
The enemy is that primary that that sector faces. For Carmel, right on the border of Vargr space, its Vargr pirates
There's always a member of that race that's "The Good", showing that the Imperium will accept anyone who is "good". One of Enri's catch phrases is “if love for the Imperium is in their heart, then the shape of their skin does not matter." For Carmel, this is Gunnery Sgt Rintin.

There's always "the Bad", a figurehead bad guy who makes the event a personal but respected foe. For Carmel, it is the Vargr Corsair called Wolfeyes
And there's the Ugly - the low rank slacker that Enri gives a new leadership lesson to in each episode, showing the patience and fatherly leadership that those chosen by the Emperor all have... And showing why it's wrong to be a slacker. For Carmel, it's Corporal Clink

There’s always an Imperial Navy ship which is Enri and his team’s home. For the show the kids on Carmel watch, that ship is the New Georgia, with Captain Young in command. Ensign Rodger is the coxswain who pilots their drop-boat.

II Enri’s team is rounded out by different enlisted who have short life expectancies in the show (Think ‘Red Shirts’)

Occasionally, they are visited by The Old Scout, a Detached Duty Scout who is pretty obviously a secret agent. Sometimes he shows up at the start of the episode to deliver the plot hook. Sometimes in the middle to deliver key clue. Sometimes at the end for an unexpected landing of his Type-S to pull them out of a hot LZ.

Sometimes O5 Army Colonel makes an appearance, with much the same role as the Old Scout, but with grav tanks and GCarriers and infantry instead of a Type-S.

Unlike Solomani cartoons, people and (bad people) die in firefights. Usually this is dealt with like a 1950s John Wayne movie. Sometimes when an actor needs to move on to another job, they're killed in the show with a strong message of "Service Is Dangerous" ... The death is usually a heroic one, sometimes a heroic act to fix what the Ugly should have fixed at the start of the episode
This teaches the dual lesson that screwing up gets your friends killed.... And true warriors of the Imperium take responsibility to fix that mistakes in their service

Catch phrases:
“Good teamwork solves half your problems”
“Preparation and training make the war half won”
“The Emperor serves the Imperium by choosing the best subordinates. We can serve the Imperium by being those subordinates.”
"Go Joe" in the Solomani cartoons becomes "For the Imperium!'
"Just as we in the Marines trust the emperor's wisdom in choosing the top of our chain of command, and by the commutative principle each layer between us and Him, the civilians must be able to trust the Nobles between them and Him"
“If love for the Imperium is in their heart, then the shape of their skin does not matter. If hate for the Imperium is in their heart, then that can be removed. One way or the other."

Imperial Issue Enri is a ‘product’ of Angler’s Cost toy store. He’s the Third Imperium’s ‘GI Joe’, but only on the high population urban worlds is play restricted to action figures and model vehicles.

In the Outback, the II Enri toys are intended to train the kids to survive on a world that wants to kill them. For example: https://wiki.travellerrpg.com/II_Enri_Gauss_Rifle

Carmel is one of those outback worlds - most farm kids get an II Enri rifle around 8 or 9 years old. They’ve got various other things, of course, that are needed to get along. More important than the gear, though, are the skills and life lessons learned in the course of playing with the “toys”