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What would you like to see in a new Traveller Adventure?

Your Welcome. I've collected every deckplan, I can find on the net because they use to disappear...
anyhow. I'm using the scout for my rangers. Haven't figured out what to do with the saucer yet. Its one of several that appear to have more of a LIS look to them than SW.

I believe there is another LIS looking ship on the Yahoo Classic Traveller site in the Files director...300t.

(just Savage sounded a bit short, Sir Savage seems silly, and Savage person a bit insulting)
Savage is fine. Mr Savage also works...Savage
was my all time favorite character. Admiral John C Savage was the correct name. He distinguished himself with a rather nasty war record.


Good luck with the ships,
I would like to see some small adventures where people arn't saving the would for total destruction or from someone trying to rule the world just things that I could slip into campaign when i've been busy and need something to fill in some time befor I write the next part of a campaign :D

or when i'm just lazy
The old CT JTAS had several quickie scenarios in the olden days, there was one I remember that involved the group of players going out to investigate a small village that was not communicating with the outside world. When the players arrive the settlement is completely abandoned and apparently was abandoned in a hurry, Why? :cool:

I liked those.