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Where would you like to see new setting/sector material?

Which of these sectors would you like to see a sector book/new setting material for?

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I'd have to say 'Go rimward'.

Sparser star systems. Better chances for one or two system polities.

Kinda loosens up the style of play most of us crave.
Thinking about it, I think the Old Expanses are a sector to add to this list of "Imperial sectors I'm considering writing setting material for"*. The difference from the other mentioned Imperial sectors, though, is that there is prior published material about this sector, from High Passage and TNE. The TNE stuff is fairly irrelevant to me since if I were to create such texts I'd set them in the Classic Era a la Encyclopaedia Dagudashaag and the Mongoose sector books, but High Passage's descriptions would apply to the Classic Era. However, they're long out of print, and the only issue I've been able to see online anywhere is issue 4. Are the other four issues available anywhere?

*Though, I have noticed that, according to this poll, there seems to be more interest for new sector data like Amderstun, so I'll work on that also.
[High Passage is] long out of print, and the only issue I've been able to see online anywhere is issue 4. Are the other four issues available anywhere?

I picked up all of my copies individually off of ebay some time ago in good condition (I'm sorry, I do not remember how much they cost). The only one that was difficult to get my hands on was Issue #1 (there are 5 issues total; #6 never made it to print).
Gushemege Sector

For the one (!) other person who voted for Gushemege Sector you might like to know that I'm currently pulling together all my and Leighton Piper's HIWG era Gushemege documents into a single sector guide. It's at an advanced stage of completion and I'm just getting feedback from a few Traveller regulars. I hope to get it out during the summer of 2019. It's currently running to over 150 pages!

Not promising anything, and not much more room/time for any new content, but any particular things people would like it to include or tell you about Gushemege?
Hmm... with me not yet being able to obtain the prior source materials for Old Expanses, someone else already being in the progress of creating a sector guide for Gushemege and Fornast (seemingly) having the least interest, I'm increasing leaning towards Lishun as the (first) sector I will write such material for. Does anyone have comments or questions about Lishun specifically?

Meanwhile, data-wise, I'm currently working on revising/updating my Amderstun sector data, since some of its formatting etc. was deprecated by T5.
Lishun Overdue

I voted Lishun Sector mainly due to the Rebellion. The sector undergoes such changes in 1117, takes on three or four Vargr polities when Depot falls and there is a Vargr competitor to Archduke Brzk in those years, a foe who used to be Brzk's teacher.
Lishun is also later vulnerable to the release of Virus in 1130 though it has to "swim upstream" against the flow of Vargr traffic.
Lishun has a crossroads feel between the factions of the Rebellion, featuring Vargr Extents, the Restored Vilani Ziru Sirkaa, League of Antares and its ally the Julian Protectorate, and Lucan's Imperium.

Lishun offers much in the way of being in the thick of the action in the Rebellion such that it got my vote.

My second vote was Other. Because Vargr.