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Home of the Far Future #2


Absent Friend
Found on the grid at a infocenter at Luck Gibson Downport:

For Sale.
3 Bedroom home on .4 hectares of land, 8 hours away by air/raft from the Atora-Credo Metroplex.
2 bathrooms, Garage for 2 air/rafts, Swimming Pool. Asking Cr 250,000 or best offer.

Referee Notes:
Hybrid Design, see designers notes below.

House details:
Property is located northwest of Atora-Credo in the Western Desert district of Regina.
1 acre/.405 hectares of largely desert scrub. Cleared terrain amounts to 1111.69 Sq Meters.
Home sits on 163.6 Sq Meters, and a swimming pool takes up 37.16 Sq Meters.
Pavement for driveway/air/raft pad, deck&patio, and sidewalks, amounts to 87.23 Sq Meters.
Of that amount, rear patio takes up 30.84 Sq Meters, of which 14.86 Sq Meters has a covered
roof. The pool in back is 3.05 meters wide by 12.192 meters long, and has an average depth
of 1.524 meters. A yard consisting of 823.7 Sq Meters exists around the house. The rest of the land consists of desert scrub. A chain link perimeter fence with a gate encloses the property.

Home, exterior:
163.6 Sq Meter area, on concrete slab, walls constructed of stone/ashlar.
Roof is composed of ceramic tile supported by hard wood beams.
Striker v1 armor values: slab=14 side walls=9 roof=1
Note: 5 external doors are also armor value 9.
163.6 structural points

Home, interior:
1 Master Bedroom (roughly 1.5 times the size of a standard stateroom)
2 Bedrooms (roughly stateroom size)
4 Closets (various sizes)
1 Kitchen/Nook (2.33 dt)
1 Living Room (7.87 dt)
1 Double Air/raft Garage (fits any vehicles up to 8dt)

Home, amenities:
Central Heat and Air Conditioning
Wall to Wall carpeting in bedrooms, living room and entry way.
Ceramic Tile floor in kitchen/nook and bathrooms.

Home, electronics:
1 Smart House Home Computer System (Rating/Complexity=2, in both T4 and GURPS)
2 12x5 meter Video Display Wall Screens (1 in living room, 1 in master bedroom)
2 9x2.5 meter Video Display Wall Screens (1 in each bedroom)
3 Telephones (buried land line, 1each in kitchen, living room, and master bedroom)
9 Standard Video Cameras with Voice Recognition Scanners, located in each bedroom,
the living room, the kitchen, the garage, the entry way, the covered patio facing the pool,
and the fence/gate).
2 Robots (1 groundskeeper bot, 1 vacuum bot)

Home, other security features:
Tumbler Locks on all five entry doors.

Home, furnishings:
3 Full size beds
10 Regular size chairs
3 Large vibrating recliners
1 Regular couch
8 Cabinets
1 Regular table

**Refferee Notes**
Actual home price: Cr182226.74 excluding cost of land. Land cost Cr20,000.
**Refferee Notes**

Designer Notes:
I started this after reviewing the Homes of the Far Future thread in the Lone Star Forum.

Materials Used:
T4 Central Supply Catalog (used for alot of the interior fixtures)
GURPS Architecture, available on the web (used for most of the house structure)
GT Starports v1.0 (used for pool and property fence)
GURPS Traveller (used for Double Air/Raft Garage)
Striker v.1.0 (mainly for calculating house structure and armor value)
T20 edition Traveller (I used a very little tiny part of this for the house, but I can't tell you which part or how it was used. No, it has nothing to do with the vibrating recliners.)
1 house blue print, available most everywhere, with some detailing modified by me (especially the garage, the pool, and exterior sidewalks and patio.

This was my second attempt at designing a home of the far future. The first attempt was an abysmal failure; I tried to do a 5 bedroom estate house and, well, it had lots of math errors, and it didn't look right, so I just condemned the property and moved on. I decided to start with a already existing home plan and modify it, changing some of the exterior details and adapting the whole thing for gaming use. I mainly went with GURPS Architecture because, while many Traveller editions do well in detailing external structure (eg the house HULL), they do not do so well in detailing interior structures for a home (does your bedroom cost CR500,000? If it does, let me know. I'd love to be your tax preparer.) So, most of the house structure was done with GURPS Architecture. Practically all of the electronics and locks come from T4, except the telephones, which are from Striker. The furniture is from GURPS Architecture, and the pool, and property fence are from GT Starports. The one external home feature that I didn't use GURPS Architecture for was the windows, since I do not own GURPS Vehicles. I had to go to another source to figure the cost for the homes windows.

There are a few items that I could not figure. Plumbing and Electrical utilities I abstracted into the cost of the interior rooms, but I know at least 1 web design for Traveller homes out there has a seperate cost for these utilities. Cost of land was another issue. I tried using GURPS ARCH for the land cost, but the numbers just didn't seem to come out right. My own notion, based on the age old technique of "pulling a figure out of my *ss", was that 1 acre of land would equal Cr20,000.
If anyone has a better notion for land value in Traveller, please, share it with the group.

I'm looking for critques, suggestions,and/or commnetaries on this design, and I'd really love to see other designs for homes of the far future.
Share your ideas; GIVE ME YOUR BRAIN.
Just a little observation on land prices - it's very much dependent on local economy and land supply. Consider the difference in price of an apartment in New York or Hong Kong with that of a nice house in Nome. The price would vary with the desirability of the location, ease of access, convenience (shops/malls/schools located nearby) etc. Of course certain technologies would obviate or modify these considerations - for example, commuting would be a lot simpler with grav vehicles available.

I would suggest a more top-down approach to the pricing of housing - figure out what the average citizen in the system would live in, the price of that should be about 5-10 times their annual income.

FYI the T20 rules give an abstract indicator of how much is spent on rent etc - 100 X SOC rating. Personally I use 10 X (SOCsquared) instead as IMHO it gives a more realistic spread of costs.

D20 Modern also uses an abstract Wealth system although I don't like that much.

Hope that's useful