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T20 Referee's Guide

mike wightman

SOC-14 10K
According to Michael Taylor's Official QLI Update The Player's Book should be released in a couple of months time.
This is great news.

I have a question for TPTB, will there be a similar book produced for the referee?

Would people want such a book I wonder?
There is one planned, and possibly one for gearheads too, but those aren't definite yet.
Me too
Although, I shutter at gearheads...I really like the cool things that they come up with...so if the book can be combined with something juicy like actual designs or discussions about design or have templates (like Naval Architect's from T4) this would be really valuable to be.

As for the Ref.'s book...I would buy it at the drop of a hat.
I think it's a no brainer. If you've got a player's book with all the stuff relevant to players, then you need a referee's book with all the stuff relevant to GMs.

Though of course, the guidebook isn't out yet, and if the Ref's guide takes as long to come out as the Guidebook does (it's been a year since the playtest files were first posted), then we wouldn't be seeing it for a another year or two - assuming it's already being written right now.