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Starport law level

I notice in the Linkworlds cluster mini campaign that it states, "The Imperium claims starports as its territory. Starports sometimes have a small Imperial marine garrison, and are subject to Imperial, rather than local law. Assume a law level of 3 at a starport, and whatever the local lawlevel is at a spaceport."

Is this correct? I would think an Imperial patrolled starport would have a higher law level. Just wondering what others think.

The Imperial law level has always been rather low. As long as you do not engage in acts of piracy, or play with nuclear weapons, you are okay. Law level 3 is enough to keep people from brining out the heavy military weapons, like FGMP-15's and such.
Sign outside starport establishment:

"We reserve the right to refuse service to individuals and/or groups packing heat".


"The use of deadly counterforce is authorized".
From my game:

"Dockside is the area surrounding - and open to - the landing bays and construction areas. Law level is about 2 (no explosives or energy weapons), and security is light. If you do cause trouble, though, expect the authorities to call in the Marines."
This is correct, remember the Imperium doesn't like to patrol it's citizens (if indeed there can actually be something defined as an Imperial citizen). It treats starports like most of the rest of the Imperium, don't cause trouble and we won't harass you.
This goes for Imperial ports. What about non-Imperial ports, whether independent or of another government?
If you happen to subscribe to some of the variants that split out the general law level, I'd say the personal military law level is likely a 3 and heavy military maybe even a bit higher. I'm not sure there is much in the way of other restrictions (other types of law) beyond the basics required for quarantine and taxation (and they'd be heartily enforced).

Remember, just because you have a law level of 3 doesn't mean everyone is packing ARs. It is quite possible that you might not see a weapon in a law 3 starport - just because it isn't necessary and is conspicious. You might see some security with them (or stunners) and you know they have Marine reaction teams on backup. But most patrons may opt for either concealed carry or none at all.

There are many places in our societies it might be legal to carry a weapon, but no weapon is carried. Only if there is a sufficient threat climate are weapons carried (in general) and then often despite the law level.
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Charging . . . CLEAR! <ZAP> :eek:

Just suppose I am on Regina (LL9) and I happen to engage in some activities that were not entirely legal (heaven forbid) but necessary and I am trying to make my way back to the starport. I am carrying stuff that is legal in the starport but illegal on Regina.

If caught will the S.A. turn me over to Reginian (sp?) authorities or wave me through?
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Old thread restart . . . .

Charging . . . CLEAR! <ZAP> :eek:

Oh No ! :eek:
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Now...On to the question

IMTU If the Starport Authorities do not get a "Hold" or "Search" message from the Local Yokals, they pass everyone with authorization through to their ships.
Trade is the life blood of the Imperium and people need to pass in and out quickly to provide more trade opportunities.
Holding people wastes time and slows trade. The only reason to check people more thuroughly is when there is a "verifyable" threat to security and/or Trade.
IMTU, the starport grounds are sort of like an Imperial embassy... sort of. If you cross the line, you have amnesty, or something like that.

Now, there's nothing to stop a world from XBoating a warrant for your arrest to bounty hunters and neighboring worlds. They just can't touch you on Imperial starports.

Of course, it is up to neighboring worlds to consider what to do about external arrest warrants... probably a very strange dance goes on here, but suffice to say that a sufficiently empowered world might seize upon just such a warrant to press the adventurers into doing business with them.

"We've got a shipment that needs to go to backwater world X. Decline delivery, and we'll have to re-evaluate your ship's spaceworthiness. Make the delivery, and we'll tell Regina that you weren't here. Fail to deliver by next month, and we'll add our own warrant to Regina's."

I suppose those things do pile up. Some players might enjoy gathering as many as possible, to force interesting confrontations. With an understanding referee, that could be pretty fun, actually.

Wouldn't your answer lie more with the locals level of policing? Will they secure their side of the extrality line/fence/wall with the same vigour as the Imperial SPA?

Your question assumes the locals leave possible the ability for you to get into the starport. Is law level 9 sufficiently high IYTU for the locals to secure all entrances to the starport with Border Guards?

Would the SPA refuse entry to someone who had to shoot their way in?
Dear Folks -

Originally posted by robject:
IMTU, the starport grounds are sort of like an Imperial embassy... sort of. If you cross the line, you have amnesty, or something like that.
Like Mikhail Baryshnikov's escape to the Leningrad US Embassy in "White Nights".

However, murder is an Imperial crime as well as a crime on most planets. IMTU there is an extradition policy available so that the SPA can hand back real criminals fleeing a murder charge - but it is only used when the Starport Director allows it to be used. After all, she hardly wants criminals to use her 'port as a shield, or be forced to harbor hardened criminals - they would be a threat to the security of her own demense. On the gripping hand, persuade her you are a reasonable person who has either been framed or been forced to do certain otherwise questionable things in a bid to escape an evil regime, and the Director may be sympathetic. Hey, she may even allow you to wander freely in the 'port, and if you manage to arrange passage off-world before her deliberations end, what's that to her?

Government by men, not laws, remember?

What's important is the role-playing avenues opened up by this situation - and of course it's really important to make the PC's sweat on whether they'll be allowed to leave... :D
By Badbru
Wouldn't your answer lie more with the locals level of policing? Will they secure their side of the extrality line/fence/wall with the same vigour as the Imperial SPA?
That depends. A soft border like the US/Canada only one checkpoint (or it was). Going into Canada face a Canadian checkpoint, coming back to the US face A US border guard. North Korea/South Korea may be a bit different.
My guess is that most planets will not put forth that much of an effort. Its expensive and the Imperium has its own people for that.

I am thinking that if you are going into a starport a basic energy weapons/radioactive materials/known biohazards scanner would sweep as you walked through. Face ID or Imperial RFID cards would exist but no passport control as we know it with somebody there asking you questions with a stamp unless you were from outside the Imperium. More like a subway/underground station security system.
IMTU, it depends on the local law level. If the local law level is pretty close to the Imperial starport standard of 3, then there's probably only one security station that checks sophonts coming in and out, and they are more concerned about the sophonts leaving the starport for local territory.

If the local law level is significantly higher than the Imperial level, the locals will have their own checkpoint, and they will be tough on sophonts coming and going. If you were good enough to smuggle the items in, you are also going to have to smuggle them out if you want to keep them.
What about public transportation, like monorail, which has a station INSIDE the XT-line? My guess is, that, if they conduct searches at all, the Imperium will check people at the station inside the starport, probably when the passengers leave the train. The locals most likely do the same, but at the last station BEFORE the starport, checking people that want to leave the starport as well as people that want to enter it. (although they technically already have, by crossing the XT-line)

I imagine the whole thing must be lengthy process...

What about people that are rejected entry to the planet/starport? Are they arrested and escorted to the next train reentering the starport/planet?