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Space Viking--On-line RPG players needed


You are hereby invited to join an on-line role-playing game set in the aftermath of the events of H. Beam Piper's novel Space Viking that I will running over at:


This will be a "free-form" (i.e. non-rules-based") role-playing game that emphasizes character (and plot) development over rules-crunching. To join the game please register for access at the Mega-Traveller.com site and send me your character write-up (a prose description of history, experience, and personality, not a list of statistics from some RPG rules system) by e-mail at piperfan@zarthani.net. Your character should be the sort that one might encounter aboard a Space Viking ship (interpreted broadly--Space Vikings can have some interesting visitors at times) but should not be an actual character from Beam's novel. (A not-too-close relative or acquaintance of a character from the novel will be acceptable but is not encouraged.)

The game, titled "Space Viking's Daughter," will take place approximately three decades after the close of the original Space Viking and will focus on a new threat to the aging Lucas Trask's nascent "League of Civilized Worlds" and might just possibly answer some of the "nagging questions" remaining unanswered from earlier Piper works also set in his Terro-Human Future History.

(Familiarity with the plot of Space Viking or any other Piper works is not required. If you don't know what sort of character might be encountered aboard a Space Viking vessel simply create a character that might be encountered aboard any generic "star raider" vessel such as those of Traveller's New Era Reformation Coalition Exploration Service. We'll work together to "fit" your character into Piper's setting.)

I will review your character description (possibly suggesting some modifications) before we begin play. Once we have agreed on your character description and have all the players identified we'll start playing.

Space is limited so hurry if you want to be included.

Remember Ashmodai! Remember Belphegor!

Sci-Fi Worlds of H. Beam Piper: http://www.zarthani.net
H. Beam Piper's Lord Kalvan Saga: http://www.hostigos.com