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Philosophies of Charted Space


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What are some philosophies of Charted Space (aside from Fteir)?

I'm thinking about one called Sophontism, which is based upon Humanism but is applied to all sapient species. The main concept is that there is such a thing as morality, but it derives from the fact of being sapient and not from any god. However, it is very strong. (If anyone has read L.E. Modesitt Jr.'s Parafaith War or Ethos Effect, there's something in there that I'm going for, but I need a lot of time to think about it.)
Depends what you mean by Chartered Space. If you you mean the space that unites people between the stars: imperialism, militarism, little worldism, john bull, humanism, sophontism, specism, transhumanism, posthumanism, holism, naturalism, Marxism, Liberalism, Fidelity, Deep Ecology, Giantism, Caudisimo, Tao to name but a few.

On individual worlds, imagine every possible dream or nightmare what has ever been tried or thought of. These may form perfect utopias or dystopias or just form stability or stagnation.

The resources of an entire world is alot for governments to do right and the potential for doing wrong can be catastrophic.

As the Polish joke went... if Soviet style planning was applied in the Sahara, there would be a shortage of sand in 10yrs.
For even greater fun and variety, imagine different application of similar philosophies on different planets and different governments.

Liberalism on a large Pop-3, Gov-0, Law-0 world will probably be ultra-individualist, with every person or family living totally alone and free of any restrictions (or outside help) and probably with a very limited barter economy and very sporadic contact between people. Liberalism on a Pop-A, Gov-4, Law-7 world will probably be far closer to your run-of-the-mill western representative-republic with a very free market (and maybe anti-corp laws?).

Similarly, militarism on a Pop-4 Gov-0, Law-0 world is going to be very strange - probably having every person or family armed to the teeth and trying to invade each other's farmhold just for the heck of it. Militarism on a Pop-9, Gov-A, Law-A world will probably be a military dictatorship with a HUGE armed force and a junta on top.