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Djinni - the eye of the storm

Djinni 2111 Spinward Marches
Note: World size raised from 4 to 5 to accommodate the logical idea that a size 4 world will not hold a breathable atmosphere

1107 stats: E559000-9 R822 K5V
1201 stats: X559000-0 R022 K5V
Pardon! Little mistake there, here's the rest:

This apparently highly desirable world is a red zone. In GURPS Traveller, Behind the Claw, there is no reason stated.

CT gives us a cryptic hint, from Twilight's Peak:
...Aleem Vren is on a large island on the equator managing a team of construction robots...If approached correctly he indicates an octagon structure out on one of the islands near here, but it is only a rough foundation, long since broken and crumbled by the storms...
Earlier it is written that "Djinni is interdicted, but a rudimentary starport is being established."

Looks like, by 1200, Aleem Vren and/or his construction robots have thrown in the towell...
I suppose this could be a reserve world, perhaps a near-waterworld nature preserve, but the reference to "the storms" adds an intriguing twist. Is it possible that the axial tilt of this world induces some terribly wild weather, enough to interdict the world, yet not enough to preclude life, oxygen generating bacteria and/or plants, etc?

Food for thought, IMHO
A size 4 world is the size of Mars.

Mars could have a thin, breathable atmosphere one day.

The atmosphere on Djinni may be partially the result of outgassing from the planet, which may imply massive earthquake and volcanic activity.

Lots of dust in the air, leading to lots of lightning, massive storms etc.

Add in your axial tilt angle ( ;) ) and you have a world that looks good on paper, but you wouldn't want to live there.
Thanks for the reply Sigg Oddra, I had hoped Djinni wouldn't have to be yet another reserve world (with inhabitable worlds at a premium, I doubt there would be many such reserves). The dust in the air is interesting; perhaps there's not enough to taint the atmosphere, but added with the severe axial tilt it creates a meteorological nightmare. The image of a savage, wild world with normal winds attaining high velocity and storm fronts raking the surface is irresistable (based on TNE info the Regency gave up attempts to establish a presence). "Hands off me, sofonts!"

Imagine a "Marooned / Marooned Alone" adventure on Djinni; keep in mind the Octagon Society built their structures to aid stranded travellers. Perhaps this octagon was one of the later-built, shoddy ones but I'm inclined to believe it was older and better-built (being on the Spinward Main). Yet by 1105 it is all but gone.

A propos, your point about Mars is well taken - I was working on the assumption that Mars is size 5; my mistake.

Great forum this, there are some real thinkers out there.
Hi, menistvo.

If I haven't welcomed you aboard these forums, let me say welcome now

CotI is a great place to throw around ideas, and there are lots of people out there who will happily lend their time to help out with ideas.

Getting back to Djinni - it could have been originally discovered during a quiet time, when storms, outgassing etc. were at a low.

The first researchers/settlers would quickly discover just how nasty the world could be though ;)

Similarly with the Octagon, built during a lull, but then ruined by centuries of storms.

That's a nice idea you've come up with menistvo, please consider it borrowed ;)
Thank you for the welcome! I have been a LONG time Traveller, since the primordial days of 1980 and I'm most honored that you like the idea. As I believe I mentioned in my first-ever post here, I firmly believe that this forum is revolutionizing our beloved game; the results are, and will be, incredible.