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Adventure recommendations

I am planning to try out some T20 and run a short campaign. I am therefore looking for an adventure that can be played in 3-6 sessions. I am looking for recommendations - what is your favorite adventure?

While I know most of the old stuff, I am not familiar with much of the material for TNE, T4, GURPS Traveller or stuff that has been posted on TAS (I have TAS access) or elsewhere on the net. What have you tried and liked?

Please, somebody help me with some good advice on what to run?

Its not my fave adventure, but I always thought that the GDW Chamax Plague double adventure was a cool one to start players off on. That and Divine Intervention.
If you are using T20 and have not played one of the other versions of the game (TNE, for example, is a different set of rules) you should know that the only published adventure so far for T20 is MJD's EXCELLENT Linkworlds mini campaign, which is actually free. (go to here and scoll up a bit). If you use one of the other adventures, the story will work but the statistics and other rule information would need to be converted.

Actually, the Gateway Domain released today has some adventures in it, too, if I recall. But I don't know how easy they would be to run. It's only available in PDF at the moment.
Actually there is a free short-adventure also Odyssey

and the full length Cold Fuzion adventure in the just release Gateway Domain sourcebook PDF.

Three more easily adapted CT adventures would be Broadsword, Prison Planet, and Murder on Arcturus Station. The latter is especially good as it really does play up the Solomani/Imperial conflict and could easily be set in Ley Sector.

I thought Nomands of the World Ocean was pretty cool. Of course, the 1st three classic adventures, when played together as a campaign, are IMHO da bomb. But they are too long for 3-6 sessions, unless you just play out 1 or 2 situations from Kinunir.
I don't care for any of the TNE adventures myself. Some of the published ones for T4 are kinda cool. Never read it completely, but Long Way Home looked kinda interesting. It's out of print but can be found.
P.S. I strongly second the suggestion to check out Hunter's killer Linkworlds campaign. It can be broken down, too.
Also note that COTI has some prety good "seeds" in the Odd Jobs section. I'm going to use the Krucis Charter mini-campaign, and drop in Odd Jobs and Patron encounters to extend the campaign a bit. Hopefully by then I'll have some of my own design work done.
Originally posted by LCDR J. R. Sinclair III:
Also note that COTI has some prety good "seeds" in the Odd Jobs section.
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The FREE gateway adventure is almost perfect for what you describe. I like it alot and Am trying to figure out a way to finish it in my new campaign.
The Flaming Eye mini campaign published by DGP for Megatraveller is also good, wouldn't take much to transfer the plot from Rebellion era to earlier and just change the worlds if you want it someplace else. You'd have to redo the person stats though for T20.