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Why is my email banned? (Gmail, Hotmail)


We blocked registration using G-Mail and Hotmail because of 50+ spammers per day each.

Likewise, certain top level domains associated with massive spammers have been blocked. Note that the spammer countries have also been blocked from board access. This does mean the board isn't available to users in Ukraine, Russia, China, Pakistan, Turkey, or Poland.

Changing My Email

if you need your email changed, and you're told the new one is banned, private message Aramis, Cryton, or McPerth, tell us both the current one registered and the one you want it switched to, and why. We will manually change it from the admin panel.

We will let you use a banned email, but only once you've established that you're a valid user.

A portion of the blocked domains list

TLD blocksmajor email services
  • .biz
  • .cn
  • .kz
  • .lv
  • .md
  • .pl
  • .pn
  • .ru
  • .ua
  • @cmail.com
  • @cmail.net
  • @cmail.org
  • @e-mail.com
  • @e-mail.net
  • @e-mail.org
  • @gmail.com
  • @gotmail.com
  • @gotmail.net
  • @gotmail.org
  • @hotmail.com
  • @ymail.com
  • @ymail.net
  • @ymail.org