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Forum Rules

1) No personal attacks.
You may attack ideas, subjects, or documentation. However you will not get personal at all.
2) Stay on topic when responding in the thread/topic.
A certain amount of digression is allowed and even expected, but not too much. If you want to go off on a tangent, start a new thread (in the appropriate forum!).
  • In-character additions to a thread will not be considered off-topic when they are relevant to the current discussion.
  • On-line game play belongs in the appropriate sections.
3) Politics & Religion
All discussion of Politics and Religion unrelated to a specific game is prohibited. Take it elsewhere.
  • Politics includes ALL Real-World Politics, including budgets. Exceptions for space related may be granted thread by thread
  • Religion includes ALL Real-World religion
  • Politics or religion of the OTU may be deemed political, so tread carefully.
4) Treat others as you would be treated yourself.
Keep the language PG, avoid racial or ethnic terms.
5) Respect Copyright
No advocating nor soliciting of real-world violations of intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark, or patent. Violations of FFE's copyrights, Mongoose's Copyrights, or SJG's Copyrights gets especially harshly treated - suspension is the default.
6) Do not undertake any action to the detriment of the community
(this is vague so there can be no loopholes).

The list of forbidden actions includes, but is not limited to:

  • Trying to pull fans away from here to other forums.
  • Trashing other forums, games, companies, or their products. Constructive criticism of such is allowed of course, but there can be a fine line between constructive criticism and trashing. What you think is acceptable may not be to others. If you think it might be borderline, don't post it. And don't complain if you do and you get called on it by a moderator.
  • Responding to snark or insults with snark or insults...
  • Attempting to solicit personal information.
  • Encouraging breaking board rules.
  • Nitpicking the indicators of kelvin scale measurements. _°K is fine, as is _K.
  • Citing your real world credentials (real or imagined) as part of a discussion in the open. The exceptions are found posted here
  • Using moderator text by non-staff.
7) No advertising for commercial sites, even Traveller ones, without a Mod's approval.
For clarification, it's ok to mention other sites and products in discussions, but don't do things like copy and paste parts or all of a press release or similar. If you are unsure of whether or not it's appropriate to post, email or PM a moderator first. Links in your sig to your own sites or your personal favorite sites are ok as long as they don't link to adult content or otherwise less than tasteful content.
  • Linking directly to a commercial product for purchase or directly to a commercial website for the purpose of promoting it is prohibited.
  • Linking to related discussion on outside forums is permissible. This does not include linking to discussions of activities forbidden on CotI or otherwise listed as prohibited within these FAQs.
  • Announcements for new commercial and fan produced Traveller material MAY be posted in the TAS News Feed section. This is the ONLY place you may advertise commercial material without permission and you are limited to a single announcement per product.
8) Arguing with Moderators or Administrators about these rules.
This is the absolute fastest way to get a ban here other than spamming.
  • If you want to appeal an infraction, PM the assigning moderator or an Admin. Do not respond in the thread.
  • Polite appeals via private message will not be infractions.
  • If you disagree with an infraction, state why calmly in the private message to the admins or moderator.
  • Snarking, insults, invective, or sarcasm at the issuing moderator in a PM is an infraction itself.
  • Use of threats or harsh language in an appeal is an infraction itself.
9) Language
The board's language is set for English only. Posts entirely in other languages may be presumed to be spam by staff. Short quotes in other languages are permitted when appropriate.
10) Posting and Copyright:
When you post, you are granting a royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-revokable license for the original material posted to Far Future Enterprises to retain and to display that material on the bulletin board system.
11) Clear Link Requirement
Links must clearly indicate both the type of content (video, HTML, PDF, other document type), and destination (to at least the http://xxx.xx.xx level.)

Remember: This is Marc's board and we are his guests here, Aramis is his representative. Marc and Aramis' word is the law of COTI.