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Types of Messages on COTI

Types of Messages

Normal Posts

Normal posts can be read by anyone with access to the area, or by use of search engines. Most areas are open to search bots.

Some areas are off-limits to bots. This means Google doesn't get to see them, but it also means only people allowed in can see the content.

Visitor Messages

All users have a single thread on their profile page. This is a PUBLIC thread, but the user can moderate it themselves. It's readable by search bots.

Most users can post Visitor Messages, once approved and past the probationary period. (Blue name instead of green or sanguine.)

Private Messages

Private messages, or PM's, are in-board "email". They are not searched by the bots, and are not visible to other users.

Files Posts

Aside from allowing uploads, they're the same as normal posts.

Image Gallery Posts

Image gallery threads are set up differently. They are visible to all, but lack a number of the post capabilities.