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Moderation of the Forums

When moderators note an offense, they have the option to issue a warning, or issue an infraction point (sometimes more), or suspend a member.

Infractions are not exactly private. All moderators and administrators can see each and every warning and infraction issued in the system. Many are discussed by staff in private in the administration forum, and when a mod or admin has made an error, it will be reversed.

Warnings are just that, warnings. They are a notice that you've pushed the rules too far, or even broken them, but are not being punished. Correct the error, and please edit the offending post. All mods will see if you have had any recent warnings. Warning titles also tell you what rule has been broken.
Warnings are automatically copied to all moderators and admins, including Marc Miller.
When an infraction is issued, it also has a point value. The infraction remains in the system permanently unless reversed. They also assign infraction points. Infraction points accumulate and expire. Most infractions are 1 point, some (violation of FFE Copyrights, public arguing with mods about rules or infractions) are more. Points do expire, after a period (usually 30 days). At 3, you get a 1 day suspension. At 4, a 7 day. At 6, a year.
Infractions are automatically copied to all moderators and admins, including Marc Miller. If you wish to appeal the infraction, using the report post button is an excellent way to do so.
Note also that further warnings or infractions of a given rule extend the duration of all infraction points under that rule.
Posters with 3+ current infraction points are automatically subject to moderated posting.
Immediate Suspension:
Mods also have the ability to directly suspend users. This is only likely if a user does something right after a warning, or is a repeat offender. It is hoped that this will not be needed. Getting snarky over an infraction can and will get you suspended.
Thread & Post manipulation:
Moderators noticing a thread going astray can pull specific off topic posts to a new thread, to a thread in a different board section, or to delete or edit posts.

Only moderators and admins can actually delete a post from the system, but members can mark posts for deletion, at which point they will not be readable by anyone except the staff. Staff will delete these as we notice them.

If a thread is having major issues, moderators can and will issue a statement and lock the thread.

If you post a thread to the wrong area, just report the thread's first post, mention where it is and where it should be, and one of us will move it.

How to Identify Staff
Aramis is the current Board Admin. Account issues should be directed to him. Final appeal of board actions.
Super Moderator
Moderator for whole board.
Moderator for specific areas of the boards.

Moderators or admins posting in bold red text or moderator text are giving directives to be followed. Please don't use Bold Red text unless you're a moderator. using the boxed moderator text by a non-moderator is an infraction, under rule 6.