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Your Favorite Traveller Cla... uhm, Career Path?

I haven't played CT since 1986 or so. After a very long hiatus, and discovering over two years ago that Traveller was still around, I started snapping up GT. Last year I got T20.

I always played scouts during the CT days: Adventure, Excitement, (shut up Yoda) Free ship... :)

GT allowed you to make anything you want. I love the espionage side of the scout service in that system. "You are the eye and ears of the Imperium..," Basically a James Bond in space.

T20 I haven't had a great deal of play time unfortunately, but I like a Rogue/Merchant character. "Don't worry, if I can't find a buyer in the market, I'll find one in the alley..."
And they can come in real handy when acquiring cut rate (cough)*stolen *(cough) equipment for your ship. ;)
I guess I always think of Han Solo as a Rogue/Merchant.
I don't know what my favorite is, I never get to play...they always shanghai me into reffing.

My favorite PC in my games so far has been the "Humanitarian" (An agent trying to smuggle weapons to a pro-imperial resistance on a balkanized world). He had a crate "medical supplies" (Actually ACRs) marked "Biohazard" that he was transporting on the PC ship. The rest of the players didn't trust him and sure didn't believe he had humanitarian supplies, but they were too afraid to open the box and find out.

If I ever did get to play, in T20 I'd probably do some multiclass of rogue/scout/belter/agent.
i've always liked playing rogues so it's other for me.

book 6 scouts and book 7 merchants are good too . they get a get number and range of skills . and you can concenrtate on one table and get a good level in a particular skill.
Prefer playing down and dirty fighters:

Marine Commando
Marine Fighter Pilot
Covert Ops and/or P.I.s (Sosag, Police, etc...)
Naval Fighter Pilot
I prefer playing a Merc (turned to Pirating from time to time, heh, money is where you make it)
Then a scout (mostly because of great skills and benifits received).
Then Imperial Navy.
My favorite CT careers are Belter and Merchant.

I guess I'm looking for that one big strike/trade out there...
My Favorite.


Combos (14 y/o term then sign up at 18)
Barbarian/Scouts (Before homeworld restrictions)
I"m really enjoying roleplaying a professional (slighly eccentric) engineer in my very first traveller campaign. Since I know nothing about traveller and less about engineering it is very challenging! I'd really like to play a Zhodani assassin in the future. The idea of killing some one with my mind alone, well now thats power.