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What's your favorite Spacecraft/Starship

What's your favorite Starship

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Originally posted by George Boyett:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Casey:
Modular Cutter: Kawaii Koala I & II
What's the story on that name? </font>[/QUOTE]Jumping in here: Kawaii is Japanese for "cute". Kawaii Koala sounds rather...cute.
Originally posted by Tanuki:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by George Boyett:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Casey:
Modular Cutter: Kawaii Koala I & II
What's the story on that name? </font>[/QUOTE]Jumping in here: Kawaii is Japanese for "cute". Kawaii Koala sounds rather...cute. </font>[/QUOTE]<Asu> UH-HUH :cool: ;)
Cox'sun Mayami Asuiti Huatian (Asu) did some creative computing and named both modular cutters assigned to the Endeavor. Koalas are *kawaii*, the nose of a cutter kinda looks koala-like and kawaii, and the name Kawaii Koala is well kawaii as well.

II was destroyed when used as a remote decoy diversion by a rogue hacker stealing the Endeavor's computer.

The original PC version of Asu named the gig she piloted Yi Xong Mao. "Helpful and Respectful Panda that is Ready to Fly and Assist You". Otherwise known as the Flying Panda. ^_^ Yes it had a panda paint job option.

Somewhere lurks a Hello Kitty spaceship. This is the darkly cute side of Authenticism.

ph34r the cute ones

You just can't beat the Beowulf for grace and charm, a true merchant vessel built from the keel up to make money, a no frills merchant, and by civilian standards a very powerful ship.

Right Guys, indulge me on this....

I want you all to mentally imagine the distance between here and Alpha Centuri, a tremedous amount of space, makes our solar system look insignificant. Now if you could be given a ship right now, this very moment taht could cross that divide in about a week wouldnt you cut off your own arm in exchange for it, and that's a rough distance of 1 parsec, within striking range of your faithful old Beowulf.

So you see, even a jump 1 ship is and should always be a very tangible and desirable asset to any character and represent the utmost power and freedom that any single being could possibly get in their lifetime.... Nuff said. :cool:
i found an easy way to visualize that distance. due to an odd coincidence, there are about as many inches in a mile as there are AU's in a light year.

so if the Sol system is abou 7 feet across, Alpha C is about 4 1/2 miles away. think about that on your next car trip.
I have loved the CT Type T Patrol Cruiser ever since I laid eyes on Bill Keith's illustration of it. Granted I have never encountered one as a character or actually ref'd a game with one; I have included it in a couple of adventures I developed however.

Then again, I've always loved games where the PCs were on a mission.
Clearly I have been out of the loop for too long; what is a Fiery? and where could I get stats/deckplans?
Otherwise, gotta go with the Empress Marava. I've always wondered though; why does the captain have to go thru the cargo deck to get to the bridge? Seems kinda slow.
The Fiery is mentioned as far back as CT as a variant of the Gazelle which has fixed instead of drop fuel tanks. Deckplans and a write up were included in MegaTraveller Journal #2 (DGP, 1991).
"Favorite ship? Heh, that's easy. I raise a toast to my old ship, a Type S, the "Peregrine". A good ship, never let me down. Aahh, sure brings back memories... did I ever tell you of the time when I... Hey, come back! I ain't finished yet! Hmpf... the youth of nowdays! No respect for us veterans, no respect, I tell you.

For a close second (sorry old girl!), I got to mention the "Silent Muse". Type A, Beowulf class. She was a beauty. You see after I got out of the Scout Service, me and my pal Jeram got this old... What? No bartender, he ain't passed out, he's just resting his eyes. Bring another beer for me, please. Now where was I..."
- Josko Dell (my first Traveller PC from way back when)
simply anything NOT older than the COMBINED ages of the crew (the characters, not the players)....

that being said, one of the first ships my group had when I first started (LBB days...) was a seeker that had the odest glitch....to jump, some other system had to go off line..determined randomly, had plenty of power to run everything so should of had to shut anything down, it (the ship) did it all on its own.....
wow...guess I'm just a merchant at heart...I went with the subsidised merchant...* ducking *....and it seems I'm the only person on here brave enough to say so...hehehe
"My favourite ship it whatever I'm in at the time. I've often thought that flying a starship through jumpspace is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. You have to dim the lights, take a firm hold of your joystick, press all the right buttons, gently apply thrust...and after a moment of nausea, you roll over and go to sleep for a week."

- Sylean Toni
Vargas, Andrew Boulton, I thank you. Nice artwork, but this thing doesn't look much like a Gazelle? Now, to find a copy of MegaTraveller Journal #2 (DGP, 1991).
Hi Bob,

The deckplans in the MT Journal as I remember them bear little resemblence to the classic drop tank Gazelle.

The idea was supposed to be instead of drop tanks the ship had a permanent hull formed around it but the plans don't look like that...

...except for Peter Vernon's version for T20 over in the files of the Traveller T20 Yahoo Group (click here). He basically did just that. Took his version of the Gazelle, dropped the tanks, and formed a hull approximating the version of the Fiery pictures around it for fuel and landing gear. Pretty nice. I had a quick look at Peter's homepage (here) but couldn't find it there so you may have to join the Yahoo group for a look.
Interesting. The deckplans can be found in the Files section of the Yahoo Group. In essence, it looks like a Gazelle's deck plan nestled inside of a Type S style hull.
I'm partial to the Gazelle Class Close Escort myself, though at times I sure miss my old Type-S. The maintenance sure was less of a headache! But the combination of firepower and longer legs make the CE hard to ignore. Her crew accomodations are a little nicer, too. And of course, I'll take my gunned gig over a ship's boat anytime.

Originally posted by Badbru:
What! no Gazelle or Fiery on the list????

That's a pretty short list even for "Standard Designs" :(

Had to go for the Merc Cruiser and Mod cutter.
NOTHING can beat my "modified" GAZELLE !!!!
Shes the best damned smuggler i ever had. Her name is "the Bitch". I didnt name her!!
"coustoms" did....heheheheheh