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What's your favorite Spacecraft/Starship

What's your favorite Starship

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Personally, I like the Patrol Cruiser, followed by the Scout/Courier and Far Trader. My group seemed to like the Scout/Courier, as it fit the number in it.

My favorite spaceship is the Ship's Boat.
I liked the merc cruiser. Being a fan of the merc campaigns. Specifically one that allows more participation by marine and army characters...

Then there is the free trader, the main stay of the small freighters.

I picked the Seeker because it's a good cargo carrier for a small or solo operation. My second would be original scout/courier.
The perfect ship for the group depends on the size of the group. Solo, two or three would be fine for the scout/seeker, while 4-6 would be fine for the traders, while 6-10 would be good for the cruisers. The S.B.'s fine for a patrol cruiser, while the mod cutter's more useful for the merc-cruiser (or maybe an in-system campaign).
Well my personal favorite didn't make the survey (Sub Liner) so I went with the one that most often gets used, the good old type S Scout/Courier.

Of course for small craft the Cutter beats all comers for versatility and coolness ;)
ah yes, the good 'ol type s. especially when it was upgraded with new engines and guns. :D

plus, the modular cutter with the GUN PACK!!!
BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! take that 'zhos!
You're reading my mind ElHombre :D

But then it doesn't take a Zho mind ripper to see our reasons for the choices eh.
Far Trader. Decent speed, room for some cargo and passengers but not good enough to make life too easy for the pcs. That and I'm on a Firefly / Cowboy Bebop kick at the moment.

Modular Cutter. A bit slow compared to some small ships but versital as can be. Especially if you have GT: Modular Cutter.
:cool: :eek: So.many.flavors...

Favorite names for said ships:
Far Trader: Tainted Angel
Modular Cutter: Kawaii Koala I & II

runner ups: Scout Ship and Ship's Boat.

After running The Traveller Adventure over several months (years ago) the Fat Trader became a favourite. We also used it as the base for many varients such as Q-ships, Corsairs, even a Patrol Cruiser variant.

(And now T20 gives us the option of putting a "cargo hold mounted" bay weapon variant together ;)

Modular Cutter, no contest.
What! no Gazelle or Fiery on the list????

That's a pretty short list even for "Standard Designs" :(

Had to go for the Merc Cruiser and Mod cutter.
Personally, nothing says Traveller like the Patrol Cruiser. But, I was rather surprised by the ommission of the CT Fighter, in the Spacecraft column.

If they didn't try to make a real spacecraft and more like a fighter, like how Keith drew the damn thing...it would make an excellent craft.
In my one memorable campaign my brother and I started with a Scout and spec traded, first in goods that were profitable in 3T LBB2 Scout cargo hold, then by sending our goods to destinations as bulk cargo on NPC ships.

By the time we had a down payment on a used free trader we realized we would only be using it until we had the money for a new Merc Cruiser. That down payment was only a few months afterwards, and by the time it was completed we had cash to pay it off.

Pirates don't choose targets that can stand toe-to-toe with 'em.

As many of you have already pointed out, I find it is 'horses for courses' when it come to picking my favorite ship.

IMHO, for small parties; 3 to 4 PCs, the old scout/courier is the way to go. No need for NPCs to fill other crew spots; even a Beowulf would require a few more hands. The IISS' Detached Duty Office is a GM's dream come true. All the plot hooks, pushes, and pulls you could ever want. The PCs can do some trading, some snooping, and lots of putzing about.

I always found the old Beowulf's one-parsec legs limiting.

The Marava is nice, although you can't make an honest living with it! ;)

In merc campaigns, I found the patrol cruiser and Fiery too small and the Merc cruiser too big. I used HG2 to build a 600dTon variety that carried both a nice punch and a few troops.

Finally, for a group of merchantile minded PCs who wanted a fighting chance to trade their way across the Marches, I designed a 300dTon, jump2 ship that they enjoyed very much.

As for small craft, the modular cutter all the way. Fast, big, and it can become whatever you need it to be.

I like "wandering around getting into trouble" games best, so I'd go with a detached scout on the same basis as Larsen. Hence the S2.

And I went for the SDB as spacecraft -- there is a sort of savage elegance to a warship.

I don't think the standard designs are usually all that good -- they have too much acceleration on the merchants, the power plant is usually a couple of TLs lower than makes sense, they have insane fit-outs like scoops but no purifier, and so on. If It were up to me, I'd rather spend my time in a Wet Wench.