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Dark Paradise: New for the Solis People of the Sun Universe


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A Tale of Two Ceti’s.

It is the Year 2271, Humanity has reached for the stars and attained them, from the shining shore of Earth, far out to nearly 10 Parsecs or 30 Light-Years away. Trouble has roiled space, as conflict burst forth such as out of a poor furnace; the embers still glow, even if the fire has extinguished itself. Opportunity exists for good and evil to be done under multiple suns. Only you can make a difference, so climb aboard your trusty starship for wild adventures across 49 frontier star systems in the Solis People of the Sun universe. Fully expanded star systems, with maps detailing the general area of the Tau Ceti, Smuggler’s Gap, and Kappa Ceti Zones, mainworld, as well as selected planetary, city, and base maps. With extras such as factions, personalities, robots, and spacecraft.

This is a source book for the Solis People of the Sun setting, using the Kosmic/Cepheus Engine rules set, also as a companion to Andromeda Dragons. It can stand alone, however it is also good with the other books.

The universe awaits.
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