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UWP generation - old GDW book

I recently acquired a copy of the T:TNE rulebook (I was shocked to find it lying there for sale at the local game store) and I'm a bit lost with the nuts-n-bolts of the UWP generation charts (pp 180-something). I was advised to seek answers here.

Specifically: several of the steps in the mainworld UWP generation refer to rolling 2d6 for size, or rolling "2d6+size" but it's not clear how a UWP code is to be determined from the result of this roll.

Rolling for size seemed to work ok if I fudged the dieroll to give a result that mapped to the UWP size code table. However there are (if I recall correctly) more than 12 possible size categories on that table.

Furthermore rolling an additional 2d6 and adding it to that size to determine atmosphere type, or what have you, seems to make no sense at all since all the various codes are in the same range as the size codes.

Can someone tell me what I'm missing?

This was supposedly an award-winning ruleset when it was published, I can't imagine that it's just broken, i've got to be missing something.

For the sake of full disclosure it should be noted that this copy also has a printing error in the character generation section, where about 16 pages were reprinted and another 16 omitted. However there don't seem to be any similar problems (no missing page numbers) in UWP generation section.

[I realize there are less painful ways of generating world details than banging your head against a 10-year-out-of-print rulebook, but I kind of wanted to play with my new toy, y'know?]
The world size is generated by 2D6-2, giving a range of values from 0-10. Hope this helps.
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What you are missing is the errata.

2d6 + size (or any other version of 2d6 + one of the other UWP parameters) should have a -7 in there:

size = 2d6 - 2

atmosphere = 2d6 - 7 + size

hydrographics = 2d6 - 7 + size

population = 2d6 - 2

government = 2d6 - 7 + population

law level = 2d6 -7 + government