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Using D20 Past in a traveller campaign


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I've listed some of the weapons found in D20 Past and sorted them by Traveller Tech level based on their dates. So far I've did up to TL 3.

D20 Modern Progress Levels converted to Traveller Tech Levels

Tech Level 0
Handaxe, stone

Tech Level 1
All D&D Weapons and equipment

Tech Level 2 - D20 Past
Early Handguns
Wheel lock horse pistol (1530) – pg. 20
Wheel lock belt pistol (1530 – pg. 20
Early Longarms
Matchlock arquebus (1425) – pg. 20
Wheel lock musket (1517) – pg. 20
Wheel lock carbine (1520) – pg. 20
Matchlock musket (1547) – pg. 20
Matchlock caliver (1590) – pg. 20
Field Cannon
1-pounder – pg. 21
6-pounder – pg. 21
9-pounder – pg. 21
12-pounder – pg. 21
Siege Cannon
18-pounder – pg. 21
32-pounder – pg. 21
60-pounder – pg. 21
Flintlock Firearms
Snaplock pistol (1580) – pg. 21
Blunderbuss pistol (1680) – pg. 21.
Flintlock Longarms (1570)
Snaplock musket (1570) – pg. 21
Blunderbuss musket (1654) – pg. 21
Brown Bess (.75 musket) (1690) – pg. 21
Explosives and Splash Weapons
Grenades and Explosives
Gunpowder, barrel (1450) – pg. 26
Blast grenade (1667) – pg. 26
Splash Weapons
Acid, mild (early) – pg. 26
Melee Weapons
Pistol whip (1550) – pg. 26
Rifle butt (1460) – pg. 26
Rapier, smallsword (1530) – pg. 26
Saber (1530) – pg. 26
Pistol-axe (1550) – pg. 26
Pistol-mace (1550) – pg 26.
Bayonet (fixed) (1647) – pg 26.
Sailing Ships
Great galley (early) – pg. 28
Cog (early) – pg. 28
Chinese junk (early) – pg. 28
Carrack (1470) – pg. 28
Caravel (1490) – pg. 28
Galleon (1540) – pg. 28
Pinnace (1550) – pg. 28
East Indiaman (1602) – pg. 28
Originally posted by Sigg Oddra:
Has this stuff made it to the d20M SRD yet?
I haven't noticed it yet and the last time I went there was thursday. Just checked again and nope.
Has this stuff made it to the d20M SRD yet?
Do they have to be in order for you to use them in your game? Just buy the book and use the equipment listed in your Traveller campaign. Vehicles are handled a little differently. The Ship's have hit points, not SI and you don't deduct a hit die when a character attacks a vehicle. In D20 vehicles, characters, and starships are all on the same scale and all have the same sort of hit points.
Ahh, but the SRD is free ;)

How much other stuff is in it (useful for Traveller20 that is) to make it worth spending the money?
The book is $19.95 and it has more stuff for the lower tech levels that Traveller T20 has. There is enough stuff at TL 2 to fully realize a planet in the swashbuckling age of sail. There could be a planet like that in the OTU, and maybe a scout base on the planet's equivalent of "The New World"

I envision a planet similar in tech level to 1700s Earth. There is the old World that has been terraformed with Terran Flora and Fauna back in the days before the Long Silence. Civilization has dropped to TL 1 and slowly recovered back up to TL 2. The Isolated continents of the "New World" were never settled by the Human colonists and the life forms they brought with them, so the ecosystem there is completely alien. There are also a group of primitive intelligent aliens that fill in for the role of native Americans. thsi plane't equivalent of "Christopher Columbus" sailed across the Ocean and discovered the "New World" and all of its alien life forms. Colonies were established on the "New World" by the humans, and in the meantime the Imperium has rediscovered this long lost planet and is deciding how to make first contact, they have a scout base on some region of the planet that is still "Terra Incognita" to the local humans as the scouts covertly try to learn the local languages and study the native humans here.