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Under barrel grenade launchers

Destroying mountains?! :eek: Yumpin' yiminy, we needed some of those at Tora Bora!
And, Andrew, if you aimed at the wrong mountain (like, say, Vesuvius), I think you would know what a terrain accident was!!!
The Guy in the photo has a vest carrying a dozen more rounds for the thing.
I wonder what would hapen to him if he took a round in the vest :eek:
Not much. Most grenades require a certain arming distance after being fired. For obvious reasons. Most of the 40mm grenades for the M203 can take a bullet hit with no ptoblem. IIRC, WP is the exception.
Yeah, corejob, but these can cause "terrain accidents"! That's gotta be worse than WP. (Well, except the really smart/neutron WP that burns the person, but not their clothes....
"Terrain accidents" may refer to creating avalanches in snow. If that's the case I suspect it's probably nothing more than the equivalent of a concussion round? Perhaps. Not funny I know unless you're downhill....