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Type T


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Shouldn't the patrol crusier have a Gcarrier? Didn't they used to have them? It's got enough cargo space for one. Since it is partially streamlined and can't land on a world with an atmosphere, some sort of lander really should be included.
Supposed to have a Gcarrier for it's troop squad, AND a ship's boat for personnel transfer. Another one of the things left out ;)
Since they have cargo space - I imagine many of them would have GCarriers. Some would have a collection of speeders etc

Basically, the one in the book is the "factory fresh" model - it would have to be adjusted to meet the needs of a particular customer. in the same way that the cargo space for Scout is reduced if you arm it.

So give it what ever sort of thing you want and take it from there)

I wouldn;t give mine a GCarrier - useless for deep space work - a ship's boat on the other hand increases their utility