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Type T Patrol Cruiser wanted


Has anyone made a Type T Patrol Cruiser design for T20 that is closer to the original than the one in the T20 book? Don't get me wrong, it's a good ship, but the one in the book isn't streamlined like the Type T has always been portrayed, and it's missing the gig that others have had. I have several deck plans for the Type T, but they all are of the traditional variety, and aren't a good match for the design in the book. Any help would be appreciated.

As always, YMMV
John Hamill
Well I know I had one around here somewhere but couldn't find it. Fortunately for you I was watching Monster Garage and being a total gearhead thought nothing of knocking one out while watching

I tied Jesse's crew and finished just as they did, but they had a half hour head start and more men (and a woman) on the job. So here it is for what its worth. Not the way I'd build a Patrol Cruiser in T20 but its how I'd recreate the classic...

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Type T Patrol Cruiser - TL15

+400.0dT Hull - Ndl - FS 48.000
-20.0dT Strm Upgd - AF 4.800
-20.0dT Bridge - std 2.000
-3.0dT Computer m/3 -1.0EP 18.000
-16.0dT Jump Drive 3P -12.0EP 64.000
-120.0dT Fuel x1J3
-44.0dT Maneuver 4G -16.0EP 22.000
Agility +0
-11.5dT Fusion 15 +23.0EP 34.500
-23.0dT Fuel x4wks
Fuel Scoops 0.400
Fuel Purf x0
Hardpoints x4 0.400
-4.0dT Triple Turret x4 4.000
Misl F3 x2 batt 4.500
BLas F4 x2 batt -6.0EP 6.000
-30.0dT Craft Hanger 0.060
-8.0dT Vehicle Bay 0.016
-48.0dT Staterooms x12 6.000
-2.0dT Lowberths x4 0.200
-50.0dT Cargo Hold
-------- ------
+0.5dT totals MCr213.876

Discounted cost MCr171.101 not including extras.</pre>[/QUOTE]Notes:

Standard crew is Pilot, Astrogator, 3 Engineers, 4 Gunners, and a Medic.

Bridge allocation using mtu guidlines - 2 ship's lockers (2dT) allowing standard repair and maintenance supplies, 2 airlocks (6dT) including 10 vac suits, fuel purifier (3dT), and 9 crew workstaions (9dT) assigned as Pilot, Astrogator, Gunners x4*, and Engineers x3.

*for remote operation, turrets include local stations which allow operation at a -1 to hit.
Cool! Good design, just a few questions. How many crew does it have to have? What TL is the design at? And since you mentioned it, how would you design a Patrol Cruiser? Thanks again.

As always, YMMV
John Hamill
jwdh71 (at) yahoo.com
Yeah I kinda typed it up in a hurry to get to bed.

It has the same crew as the CT version: Pilot, Astrogator, 3 Engineers, 4 Gunners and a Medic. That and the same option for doubling up for Ship's Troops or guests, which I figure the extra staterooms are used for as well as being a makeshift Sickbay.

The only way to fit the CT stats into a 400dT Airframe hull in T20 was to go with a TL15 Fusion powerplant so that's the TL for the whole ship.

As for my own design, I'll get that typed up for you tonight.
I believe the Freelance site has a Standard Designs pdf. It is probably High Guard based, but should be close enough to T20 based on this sample. </font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Patrol Cruiser

Tonnage Cost Components
400 40 400-ton Hull
-20 2 Bridge
-0.3 12.6 Computer (-1 EP)
-0.4 (0.9) Avionics
-0.9 (1.8) Sensors
-0.6 (1.5) Comm
-16 64 Jump Drive 3 (-12 EP)
-120 - Jump Fuel
-44 22 Maneuver Drive 4 (-16 EP)
-39 117 TL9 Power Plant (+26 EP)
-26 - Power Plant Fuel
- 0.4 4 Hard Points
- 4 4 Triple Turrets
-6 6 6 Beam Lasers (-6 EP)
-6 4.5 6 Missile Racks
-6 0.6 6 Missile Magazines
(-6) 0.6 120 Missiles
-80 10 20 Staterooms
-10 1 20 Low Berths
-24.8 - Cargo
0.0 284.7 (227.76 w/discount) (+4 EP; +1 Agility) </pre>[/QUOTE]
I have deckplans for a slight variant of the T20 standard patrol cruiser on my website

The hull is streamlined and follows the general style of the illustrations that I've seen for the standard Type T.

Thanks guys, I'm really trying to get something close to the original, at TL12-13 or so, for the players in my new game. Trying to do a design by hand is a pain, and I don't have Excel, so the spreadsheet method is right out. The Fiddleback deckplan is great, but I don't have stats to go along with it. Gonna have to sit down and design it out. (sigh grumble grumble) ;)

As always, YMMV
John Hamill
jwdh71 (at) yahoo.com
Hey Straybow, where at the Freelance Traveller site is the standard designs PDF? It doesn't appear to be in the Shipyard section, unles I've been stricken with temporary blindness. ;)

As always, YMMV
John Hamill
jwdh71 (at) yahoo.com
Originally posted by jwdh71:
Trying to do a design by hand is a pain, and I don't have Excel, so the spreadsheet method is right out.
You should look at the open source office suite, OpenOffice.org which is available for many platforms and languages. The spreadsheet application is a very good substitute for Excel.

Thanks again Ron, does OpenOffice handle Excel files? Because Falkayn's website has what is supposed to be a good T20 spreadsheet, and since all I have is Works on my home machine, it gets all wonky on me.

As always, YMMV
John Hamill
jwdh71 (at) yahoo.com
Originally posted by jwdh71:
Thanks again Ron, does OpenOffice handle Excel files?
OppenOffice.org will open Excel files to some degree. Basic files should be okay. I'm not so sure about heavily formattted files or files with macros and sophisticated equations and such.

That's what I've got on this computer, and the spreadsheet runs just fine.

There is a small boo-boo in it, if you have external docks, they add energy to the ship. With a big enough externmal dock, you can design a ship without a power plant. It took me a while to figure this out, since I'm not real familiar with actually writing up spreadsheets. After I leave here, I will be sending the info to the author.
As promised (if a day late ;) ) here's the version of the Patrol Cruiser I came up with. I also added a couple notes to the classic version posted above.


The Type TV (V for Variant) 400dT Modular Cruiser by Journeyman Design Bureau was designed to replace the limited function standard Type T Patrol Cruiser. It improves on the standard in several ways including:

First it meets Navy IDP of Jump 4* allowing it to be functionally integrated with fleets in times of war.

*Must be outfitted with the collapsible fuel module or utilize drop tanks for J4 range, internal tanks limit operations to J3.

Second it is lightly armored to better withstand both combat damage and incidental danger during SAR operations.

Third the module bay is hardened and built to accept either a standard 50dT Bay Weapon of compatible design or any number of utility modules or small craft allowing the Type TV to be quickly customized for a variety of roles.

While more expensive per unit than the standard version the modular feature allows one ship to serve a variety of roles by having the desired modules ready to load at the base. This makes the package both cheaper to buy and with a reduced crew and hanger requirement it is also cheaper to operate. Along with the moderate TL of the design this system should prove the best choice for smaller starports and subsector fleets. While designed primarily for the IN and SPA the design should also serve well for private mercenary and escort concerns.

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Type TV Modular Cruiser - TL13

+400.0dT Hull - Wdg - FS 48.000
-24.0dT Armor F2 5.100
-20.0dT Bridge - std 2.000
-4.0dT Computer m/4 -2.0EP 32.000
-20.0dT Jump Drive 4P -16.0EP 80.000
-120.0dT Fuel x1J3
-44.0dT Maneuver 4G -16.0EP 22.000
Agility +0
-18.0dT Fusion 13 +18.0EP 54.000
-18.0dT Fuel x4wks
-16.0dT Fusion 13 +16.0EP 48.000
-4.0dT Fuel x1wks
Fuel Scoops 0.400
-5.0dT Fuel Purf x1 0.030
-4.0dT Hardpoints x2 0.200
-50.0dT Module Bay 0.600
-40.0dT Staterooms x10 5.000
-8.0dT Sickbay x1 5.000
-5.0dT Secure Hold 0.500
-------- ------
+0.0dT totals MCr302.830

Discounted cost MCr242.264 not including extras.</pre>[/QUOTE]Standard crew is Pilot, Astrogator, 3 Engineers, 2 Gunners, and a Medic. The other two staterooms are used by the crew of the specific module or craft carried or for guests.

The secure hold meets mail contract requirements allowing the Type TV to serve as a courier. Alternatively it can be used as an improvised cell for detention or transport of criminals or even as a safe magazine for additional missiles.


The design uses the optional half hardpoint sacrifice for bay weapon rule.

The secondary powerplant has 1 week of fuel but is only used for weapons and/or agility and is powered down during jump and routine operations.

The hardpoint reserve allows either 2 light turrets and integral magazines or 2 medium turrets. Optionally the owner could install 2 light popup turrets. Power feeds are rated for 8EP per turret allowing overcharging* of energy weapons. Typical armament of a light turret is 2 beam lasers and one launcher (missile or sand) while medium turrets are usually single plasma or fusion guns.

* imtu overcharging is allowed if extra energy is available, each extra level of power applied adds one to the weapons USP value with some risk of overloading, for example a laser battery of 2EP can gain one USP per 2EP extra applied.

The module bay is plumbed for fuel and may use a collapsible hard fuel tank module (40dT fuel and 10dT tankage) which allows direct use of fuel for jump and then provides 40dT of open space. Optionally a fuel bladder liner may be used for 50dT of fuel but the fuel must be pumped from the bay to internal tankage before being usable.

Power feeds to the module bay are rated for 10EP and typically limit the use to either a missile bay, a plasma cannon, or possibly a factor 1 nuclear damper.

Other bay usage may include cargo, passengers or vehicles but is limited only to the owners budget, imagination and the available 50dT of volume.

Bridge allocation using mtu guidelines - 4 ship's lockers (4dT) allowing double repair and maintenance supplies, 2 airlocks (6dT) including 10 vac suits, 10 crew workstations (10dT) assigned as Pilot, Astrogator, Gunners x2*, Engineers x3, Bay x2, and Auxiliary

*for remote operation, turrets include local stations which allow operation at a -1 to hit.
far-trader wrote:
The design uses the optional half hardpoint sacrifice for bay weapon rule.
Hmmm, you've just drawn my interest to that little optional- but permitted in occasional official designs- rule.
This makes a 200t ship into quite a suprise for pirates if its cargo doors open to reveal a 50t #9 missile bay. Sure beats a pop turret