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Terran Praesidium


Roger Calver

OK to start as some of you may know I have been involved with Terran Praesidium for some time now but my views are not important here.

Im interested in knowing what your views are of this setting are and also what you all think are vital parts to it.
I have put links in here to the pages where information can be found.
Terran Praesidium

The members of CotI have always spoken their minds on subjects and so getting input from you all would be of great interest to me.

Thanks for reading,

It looks interesting, but I couldn't find a FAQ link, nor a general rundown of your pocket universe. It looks like something very interesting, but could you give me a quick rundown of what the Praesidium is all about?
Sorry about not send a reply I didnt got an email notification :(
Let me get to work on that and I will post something up soon.

I've been looking at various bits of TP info as it's been released, but not going through it in depth. My personal opinion is that I'm not the least bit interested in it. It may be fabulously well designed, but for me, I prefer my Sci-Fi to have nothing to do with Earth or current/recent Earth history. TP just has too much current bagage for me. That's why I always set my Traveller adventures in the Spinward Marches, well away from Sol. The general very distant history of Earth's involvement in the Imperium is as close as I care to get.
Thanks for your reply Stainless, Its true not everyone wants to have thier campaigns set in or around earth or real life history.

I think it was you who said that TP has its jump drive explanation wrapped around real science.

Can you give me a few details on how the Jump Drive works in the TP?
Supplement Four,

You must be getting me confused with someone else sorry.
But I will find more information about it for you.


Supplement Four here a brief description of how Jump drives work.

To travel FTL in the Terran Presidium setting the “Quantum displacement drive” is used but in most cases its just called the “Jump drive”. It works by the ship generating a quantum displacement field, at which point it “jumps” from one location to another. A ship can only “jump” from a point in space known as a Jump Node. Jump nodes are located at the L1 Lagrange point for any sizeable planetary mass(the minimum would be a planet with Size 1 in Traveller terms). Jump travel is instantaneous but due to most space ports having some kind of departure/arrival timetable ships have to wait for the next available time slot before jumping.