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Striker III (or Striker 5, depending)

I have been working for a while on getting an updated version of Classic Traveller's Striker finished, but had a sudden inspiration...

Since I was doing an update of the thing... Why not make it compatible with T5?

I had an arrangement with Marc for the Striker III update, but due to a couple of deaths and issues like school, I had to put it aside for a couple of years.

Now that I can work on it again... I figured that I should find out if there is interest for a Set of Miniature rules for T5 that would cover Skirmish level to Operational level miniatures combat in the T5 melieu...

Is there?

I am also working on providing miniatures as well. I still need to get the proof of concept items finished, but the 3D files are still hanging around somehwere.

How much would having miniatures help in bringing people to play Striker 3 (or 5, depending)?

My plan for the miniatures is to use 3D files to create the masters, and then produce 4 to 5 identical miniature lines in 6mm, 10/12mm (likely 11mm), 15mm, and 25/28mm (Possibly 20mm as well). This would allow those who wanted to use the minis for RPGing as well as Skirmishing to have larger more detailed minis, and those who wanted to do massed battles at the Grand Tactical or Operational levels to use 6mm minis (and all of the iterations between with ground/time scales and miniature scales).

It might just produce chaos, but I know for one, that I am always tic'ed off to find that I cannot find appropriate miniatures in a smaller scale so that I can do a mass battle of miniatures that I have in 15mm or 28mm (usually 28mm).

Anyway, I have a LOT of info on the game as it has been developed so far in the CT-Striker Yahoo group.

If I can get approval to do an actual Striker 5 (Compatible with T5) then I will probably create a yahoo group of its own (Maybe a group here)...

So, would people interested in T5 like to see something like this?


How do I get in touch with Marc (I do not want to have to wait until fall when I can get access to my old PC again)?

Matthew Bailey
A set of rules covering skirmish to operation?

A set of minis cover 6mm to 28mm?

How much money do you have to develop this idea? You will need a chain of shops to rival GW!

My suggestion would be to be extremely focused and concentrate on one aspect. Skirmish level rules with 28mm miniatures that could also be used in RPGs would be the best way to go initially.
I have the Tactical and Unit Tactical Rules pretty much finished, but need to re-format them to the new outline, and I am waiting to discuss some of the issues with Marc.

The other aspects (skirmish, Grand Tactical, and Operational) would each be a separate expansion set, building upon the basic organization of the Tactical Game.

The "Unit Tactical" game is more or less the same troop-figure scale (1:1), but it is faster play and has slightly less detail (more abstraction)... It is a sort of cross between Striker II and the Original Striker... The Grand Tactical Game would be very much like Striker II (but with a few more options for higher TL troops, the ability to go "Off mission", EW/IT Warfare and stuff like that).

The operational game... I have only been toying with various ideas for the last two years...
Oh, and covering 6mm to 28mm is not as expensive as you might think... a simple slide and click of a mouse to re-scale 3DO files is all it would take...

Then, cashing in on some connections at a few manufacturers I know to get proof of concept figures done...

As for the rules... All that takes is a couple of paragraphs with tables showing how to re-scale the terrain and weapons ranges...
Do you have the license to produce Traveller/Striker minis? I though Mongoose were going to produce Striker as part of their deal.