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Stingray 200 dton merchant


SOC-14 1K
Amidst all this talk of CAD packages I feel a bit underdressed posting Powerpoint pics, but... Here's a ship I did for my game. It's heavily based on Tanuki's fine Manta Ray design, which is a merchant conversion of the Animal class safari ship.

View from above
Upper deck
Lower deck
Powerpoint file

It's a 200 dton merchant, designed according to Morte's rules which are pretty much T20 except I included the following in the 20dton bridge allocation: 2 dton med bay (couch with overhead instruments), airlock, locker, bridge fresher, lift, some corridor.

It's a J2 1G design, with fuel for 4 weeks, scoops in the wing roots, and a fuel purifier in what was the dock for air rafts.

There's storage for 1 dton each of high/mid/low consumables in a powered roller/rack affair the galley.

It's got two turrets (or hardpoints, TBD).

Decks are 3m high. Upstairs, almost everywhere except the engine room and purifier has 2.3m ceilings with life support machinery in the ceiling.

There are 8 single passenger cabins and 8 low berths, plus 4 crew staterooms (two with windows).

The cargo bay takes 74 dtons. About 70 will fit in standard containers (69 with the jeep parked), the rest must be adjusted with a big hammer to fit.

The airlock extends a docking tube/gantry from the lower front of the hull. The main cargo bay door is a double-jointed affair which will open to a 6m ramp if needed.
I use appleworks most of the time...

yes, if it is a viable deckplan, it's a viable deckplan.

In fact, I often find the overuse of CC2 annoying... I DON'T want every chair accounted for.
Hmm. Wonder if the deckplan list contest entries are still up somewhere. I have a Subsidized Liner that is a member of this family of hulls...