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STAT THAT SHIP! PART 21 - The TP Lucas Class Gunboat

bryan gibson

Absent Friend

The Terran Praesidium Lucas Class Gunboat, is used in an SDB and interdiction role. Typically operating in wings of four.

200 Dtons, +/- 10 percent

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These things just beg for FF&S design don't they?

I see a missile launcher, a spinal mount (emitter at the nose) 2 dorsal laser turrets and a belly mount...

not something you can do in HG/CT, at least not at 200 dt...

...and I have enough projects munching my time at the moment to be willing to take any more on ;)

Scott Martin
Hmmm. I see the big gun on top as a plasma/fusion bay, the nose (and other weapon apertures) as a distributed triple turret.

This is possible in T20, with only using optional rules already in use.
From what I've seen of all of his other designs, if it's rounded and it's black, it's a sensor or communications dome. I can see the nose mount as a lidar and fire control system system more easily than as a weapon.

Simon Jester
well, the upper installations are a missile launcher, and two point defense lasers, and the lower turret is a full size energy weapon.

well, in my mind, anyway! LOL
What do these things look like from above? Its pretty easy to guess with the NR designs, but the TP one's have me guessing a bit. Are they a narrow leaf shape or more sort of wide spade shape? I'm asking purely out of curiousity about the design because I think they all rock hard!
Well helloooo Bryan,

When can we expect this supplement that you speak of????

As for myself i am dieing too see the full three view sets
well, assuming that the Terran Praesidium stuff proves successful, probably almost immediately after is what I am hoping for. For now, Im pushing at getting the main sourcebook out, which is capturing most of my attention
Alright, CTU LBB2 style.
Fast in system, long duration fuel tanks and a kick-butt TL-15/Mod.5 computer system.

Lucas (Lucas Class Gunboat class)

The Lucas is based on a 200T, custom hull. It mounts jump drive A, maneuver drive E, and power plant E, giving a performance of jump-1 and 5-G acceleration. Fuel tankage for 120 tons supports the power plant allowing for 1 jump-1 and 8 weeks of operation. Adjacent to the bridge is a computer Model/5.
The ship has the following accommodations:
4 stateroom(s)
The ship has 2 hardpoints and 2 tons allocated to fire control. Installed on the hardpoints are:
2 triple turret(s)
The turret(s) are armed with:
3 pulse laser(s)
3 missile launcher(s)
1 Special, non-standard extra large missile
There are 0 ship's vehicles:
Cargo capacity is 2 tons. The hull is streamlined. The ship is not subsidized.

The Lucas requires a minimum crew of 6:
1 pilot
1 navigator
1 engineer(s)
1 medic
2 gunner(s)

The ship costs MCr145.95 (not including discounts and fees) and takes 12 months to build.

Ship's Name: Lucas
Ship's Class: Lucas Class Gunboat class
Build Cost: MCr145.95
Design Fee: MCr1.4595
Mass Production Cost: MCr132.66855 (includes design fee)
Hull: 200T, custom (streamlined)
Jump Drive: A (jump-1)
Maneuver Drive: E (5-G)
Power Plant: E
Ship's Computer: 5 (capacity 12/25)
Ship's Accommodations: 4 stateroom(s),
Cargo Capacity: 2
Available Hardpoints: 2
Mounted Turrets: 2 triple turret(s),
Mounted Weapons: 3 pulse weapon(s), 3 missile launcher(s),
1 Special, non-standard extra large missile launcher.

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