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STAT THAT SHIP! PART 14 - Kitebu "Sakura" class freighter

bryan gibson

Absent Friend

Appearing in the Terran Praesidium, manufactured in Gannets Systenm under liscence and in Kyushu, the Sakura is a 400 Dton freighter.

Seen here in freighter configuration, the external hull is identical to the passenger varient, which exchanges cargo space for generous staterooms and lounge spaces.

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Let me start off by saying i have enjoyed these "Stat This Ship" threads.

And on to this one,

Awesome ship, i agree with Sigg, please....please,
deckplans are needed for such an elegant ship.

I would gladly pay for a set.

May i ask for some of the other ones to be deckplaned as well?

It has been said by BG that it is no longer possible for him, cause of all the static he recieved from previous attempts.

I ask...humbly...please can we get your talents pointed at these wonderful ships that you have so graciously allowed us to veiw.
well, firstly, thanks for the kudos, ranger and sigg. I appreciate that.

as to deckplans, a couple of things -

for the most part ( and reasons stated before, which i shan't belabor) you probably shouldn't hold your breath seeing deckplans from me here, for a couple of reasons beyond those stated-

I dont particularly enjoy doing deckplans, frankly. So, theu have very little appeal or hobby interest for me, and with other projects on the table if Im doing things for fun, then fun wins over unfun! ^.^

There are plenty of people on COTI , however, that do enjoy deckplanning, and I am not at all ashamed to say a good many of them are much better than I at doing them, so I leave that to them if such is their thing.

Of course, I'm a professional artist, however, and I drag myself to the table for anything that has check attached to it.This reflects on the other reason -

all of the ships here that are Terran Praesidium vessels - most of the ones Ive been showing here- will be appearing in a supplement for my own setting, soon to go to Avenger. ( the idea is to follow the setting with a ship book almost immediately) and if I'm doing deckplans, thats where they would appear, in supplement books.

Further discussion on the subject is best handled here :


but I was both pleasently surprised and intrigued that so many people found deckplans and like that of interest. Pop in suggestions and the like - they may yet be in the offing shopuld the interest be there!

Thank you for your prompt response, and i look forward to any product you put forth.

The other board members have already put their collective talents on this ship, and looking good so far.
Here is a LBB2 write up using the CTU! :D

Sakura Class

The Sakura is based on a 400T hull. It mounts jump drive D, maneuver drive B, and power plant D, giving a performance of jump-2 and 1-G acceleration. Fuel tankage for 100 tons supports the power plant allowing for 1 jump-2 and 4 weeks of operation. Adjacent to the bridge is a computer Model/2.
The ship has the following accommodations:
8 stateroom(s)
10 low berth(s)
The ship has 2 hardpoints and 2 tons allocated to fire control. Installed on the hardpoints are:
2 double turret(s)
The turret(s) are armed with:
2 pulse laser(s)
1 missile launcher(s)
1 sandcaster(s)
There are 1 ship's vehicles:
1 launch(s)
Cargo capacity is 170 tons. The hull is streamlined.

The 1 requires a minimum crew of 6:
1 pilot
1 navigator
1 engineer(s)
1 medic
2 gunner(s)

The ship costs MCr128.7 (not including discounts and fees) and takes 14 months to build.

Ship's Class: Sakura
Build Cost: MCr128.7
Design Fee: MCr1.287
Mass Production Cost: MCr116.9883 (includes design fee)
Hull: 400T (streamlined)
Jump Drive: D (jump-2)
Maneuver Drive: B (1-G)
Power Plant: D
Ship's Computer: 2 (capacity 3/6)
Ship's Accommodations: 8 stateroom(s), 10 low berth(s),
Cargo Capacity: 170
Available Hardpoints: 2
Mounted Turrets: 2 double turret(s),
Mounted Weapons: 2 pulse weapon(s), 1 missile launcher(s), 1 sandcaster(s)