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Star Wars meets Traveller...


Yes, I realize that they are very much incompatible. One is a movie, one is a game. But, the premise of this thread is to try and develop a mesh of the two. How would you deal with the equipment? The races? Is it possible to Traveller-ize the Star Wars planets? How would a lightsaber work? How do you roll dice for the Force? With the recent Star Wars craze, I think this would be, if nothing else, a nice gearhead expirience.
Methinks it'd be easier to StarWarsIze Traveller than the otherway 'round...

Someone should try it both ways!

I did this years ago ,when "Star Wars" first hit the cinemas; and "Traveller" was three little black books. In my 1st TU The rebellion was almost successful in overthrowing the Imperium. Instead,they consolidated the holdings they had ..and formed the Commomwealth.(Alan Dean Foster's Commonwealth) How did I Deal with the equipment? the three black books had most of it covered But, lightsabers are not lasers. I thought, at the time, that lightsabers were infact particle beams, because Lasers don't colide like light sabers did. The Races? Traveller was only Three black books then so you were left to "wing it" Book three provided all you needed to construct Taaoonine, or Hoth , or Endor. and lastly book three psi rules allowed you to simulate the "Force".

While I agree this is a nice gearhead experience;It's an experience us older gearheads have already had....
Soloprobe is right: us ol' grognards have already been there, done that. My first TRAVELLER campaign was a STAR WARS setting, with additional elements borrowed from Alan Dean Foster's "Humanx" series and from STAR TREK.

Ah, for the good old days, when an Imperial Star Destroyer was considered to be gigantic at a mere 5000 tons displacement. <sigh>
The question that I would not mind finding out if one could make a Traveller film without taking too much from Star Wars. Much of the mythology that has developed out of Traveller lore is when we say it is just like Star Wars or Firefly or Star Trek or Alien(s).

What stories could we tell that do not take from them. Could we make a credible story about a lone Free Trader Beowulf that plies the stars and picks up cargo, passengers & trouble along the way. Would non Traveller fans watch it? Perhaps, if we would invigorate the storyline with sleek costumes and believable situations and create a cliffhanger (rather than an ending) we might have a winning product.

But, I look forward to hearing what others think...?
Hey endersig,

You could always just pick up a copy of d20 Star Wars and port over the stats from the Star Wars RPG to T20.

The thing about making any Sci-Fi film that doesn't remind someone of Star Wars is that George Lucas stole his ideas from a ton of different sources: movies, books, religion, you name it, he's probably looked at it thinking about how he could use it in one of his movies. So it would be better to make the Traveller movie the way you want and not worry if someone thinks it's Star Wars rehashed.

Anyways, that's my .02Cr

So, wait. give me a run down of the basic stats you've used for a lightsaber. That could help me a bunch. The big problem seems to be weapon lethality. In the movies, you get hit, you stay down... how to deal with this in Traveller
I give a shot for t20.
Damage 1d8 lifeblood and stamia damage per hit.
On a confirm critical acts like sword of sharpness roll a d6. 1 = double damage both lifeblood & stamina. 2 = left leg. 3 = left arm. 4 = right arm. 5 = right leg. 6 head.
hows that.
This tends to come up every time they release a new Star Wars movie.
Here's my contribution(s) inspired by the last two SW films.

The Order of Zar-Tis: Here's some links to a Jedi-like organization I created originally for MT (around the Episode I timeframe). The MT stats for a plasma brand (aka lightsaber) are given in the MT system article. About two years ago, when T20 came out, I created a T20 prestige class for them, and sent that in. That article includes some thoughts on T20 game mechanics for a plasma brand (aka lightsaber), as well.

Special thanks to Freelance Traveller for hosting the original files for these last six years, and the T20 info for the last two.

Background Information on the Order of Zar-Tis:

MT version of the Order of Zar-Tis:

T20 version of the Order of Zar-Tis:

I hope this helps as one example of bringing Star Wars to the OTU,
Part of the get hit go down is Life Blood and level .(In my opinion)
Figure most Storm troopers(Grunts) are lev one or slightly higher,so when hit go down fast even after AR .
Of course better or elite troopers have more levels and Lifeblood so take more damage(and possibly have better (AR)
Of course this is all T20 other systems will vary
And the main reason They Go Down From One Hit "Its More Dramatic In The Movie"
For dramatic purposes, don't count AR for mook-level NPCs, such as storm troopers. Lifeblood damage equals Stamina damage... they'll drop quick enough at that point.

Just a suggestion,

The ct stats I had for the ligthsaber: Range: close Damage: 6d, And because it's a light saber It cuts through anything(except another lightsaber blade.....Hope this helps
Hey soloprobe, next time you run you should break out that conversion, if only for one session...
(Sarcasm mode on) Oh, please, please, please! (Sarcasm mode off) If you run it we shall see...

(For those of you who don't know, soloprobe and I game together with a few others, so it's kinda all in the "family.")
Alright, due to weapon's lethality, I've devloped a new to hit system for my Star Wars Traveller idea. Now, as an fairly inexpirienced player, I want you hard core players (especially CT players) to point out any imbalances.
Tell me what you think

To Hit: Roll 2D6, given the DM's of your weapon, and various other gear(sights and the like) to get a hit roll. If hit roll>8, a hit is scored. Then, roll a location. If the target is wearing armor that covers that location, apply the corresponding Armor DM. If your hit roll is now less than 8, the hit glances off, doing no damage. If the power is still above 8, do damage with the proper modifier from location.
Hit Location: Damage:
6. Head +4, may be lethal

5. Torso +2, may be lethal

4. Dominant Leg
-2 damage -2 Dex, -2 End, may not be lethal

3. Weak leg
-2 damage -1 Dex, -1 End, may not be lethal

2. Dominant Arm
.5 damage -3 dex, -1 End, may not be lethal

1.Weak Arm
.5 damage -2 dex, -1 End, may not be lethal

Lethal refers to an immediate kill from a single wound. Cumulative wounds may knock unconcious.

Dominant and Weak are given by the player who is playing, i.e, I am right handed, so unless otherwise specified, all my characters are right handed.
Originally posted by soloprobe:
Ah, when you start rolling hit locations, You're playing RUNEQUEST not TRAVELLER

No, you're playing Traveller with hit locations. This would not be Runequest at all.

As for Kafka's question - wait and see what the Firefly movie (Serenity) will be like when it comes out. I suspect that's as close as we're going to get to a Traveller movie (or watch the TV series).
Hmmm... I've hit another snag. How to get an X-wing. Think Jump capable small craft with 4 laser cannons and 2 missile turrets. The big problem is energy... how to squeeze 4 EP into a small craft