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Spy vs Spy


Need all espionage gadgetheads to contribute spy gear for my campaign, please!

Here are my contributions, but I need a longer list; please help!

Deadman Alarm: TL 8. Cr 400. An adhesive pad with a small radio communicator attached. The patch detects life signs in the person wearing it (usually a security guard) and radios an alarm to another location if the life signs cease (lifeblood 0) or if the wearer’s stamina drops to 0 or below. May be used several times, but after 10 uses its reliability drops to 75%.

Laser-revealing aerosol: cost 200Cr for 10 shots. One shot covers a square three meters across. This spray reveals any security laser beams crossing through the aerosol mist.

Slap camera. Adhesive camera that swivels slowly across non adhered area.
TL 7: Cost 100. 1 hour film, DC 10 to spot. Analog film must be removed and developed.
TL 8: Cost 150. 2 day film, DC 12 to spot. Digital film must be removed to run movie.
TL 9: Cost 250. 5 day film memory, DC 14 to spot. Digital film broadcasts on programmed frequency to e-mailbox until memory expires.
TL 9: Cost 400. 7 day film memory, DC 16 to spot. Digital film broadcasts on programmed frequency to e-mailbox indefinitely. Internal memory may be wiped from remote location by radio signal.
Here's another:

Scanner Goggles: TL 12 Cost 4000. These x-ray goggles give the wearer a luggage-scanner view of the world. The wearer can spot metal objects on another’s person from a distance of 9 meters (6 sq). Metal weapons, communicators (including dead-man alarm above) will be spotted with a DC of 5. Search or spot checks for metal objects will have a +5 circumstance bonus using these goggles, but searches for non-metal details will be at –8 if the goggles are worn. Combat armor or metal linings as thin as aluminum foil will defeat the detection capabilities of these goggles. The goggles are heavy and cumbersome at TL 12 (0.5 Kg). At TL 13
Here are some of my toys (posted elsewhere) that might fit the bill.

Corrosive marker

A 10cm silver tube with a nasty surprise. Simply snap off the top to activate the concentrated acid jell inside. Once activated you have five minutes to spread the acid on what ever is in your way. Metal wall, wooden door or stubborn bouncer, it makes little difference. (though the bouncer will probably hurt you more than the acid.) The marker is one time use only, five minute after activation it will melt from its own acid. Because of the one time use factor it dose not have very much acid to use. There is just enough to draw a meter wide circle on the wall. The acid deals 3D10 damage per minute for 2D6 minutes. It won’t be long until you can kick the circle out and step through a big hole in the wall. The time it takes for this to be effective makes it impractical as a weapon.

TL10 cost Cr250 weight 50g

Punch cards
Mostly used for infiltration and sabotage. These are small card sized time bombs, though not all of them are explosive. They come in for different variety's, explosive, weld, corrosive and scrambler. The timed action is started by rubbing off the paint in one area, most Punch Cards are painted to look like playing cards. Two seconds after the time is started a molecular adhesive on the back is activated. The action time for these cards can be any where from ten seconds to several hours. Note there are no metallic properties in these cards, every thing is chemical.
Explosive, treat as a 600g Penetration charge.
Weld, fusses together two parts of machinery and no amount of WD40 will get them moving again. Great for slowing pursuit, just rub off the four of hearts and slap it on the door frame.
Corrosive, treat as corrosive marker. When the card melts the acid spreads out to a radius of 20cm doing 3d6 points of damage. Note this dose not work on the underside of a horizontal surface unless in zero-g.
scrambler, sends an electric pulse to what ever it is attached to. All electrical components are fried. Computers are rendered inoperable for 2D6 rounds with a 30% chance of permanent damage.

Explosive TL 9 cost. Cr200 per box of ten weight. negligible
Weld TL10 cost. Cr200 per box of ten weight. negligible
Corrosive TL 9 cost. Cr250 per box of ten weight. negligible
Scrambler TL10 cost. Cr400 per box of ten weight. negligible

Spider grips
Four small disks with grips and straps for hands and feet. The disks secrete a molecular adhesive that will stick to pretty much any thing. This makes it possible to climb up a vertical surface with no hand holds. It is however impossible to grab a real hand hold when wearing these grips. Exemption; at tech level 12 these begin to appear in the form of boots and gloves. Add +5 equipment bonus to climb checks when wearing the tech level 12 version. Neither version is good enough to allow some one to cling to the ceiling.

TL 9 cost. Cr1,000 weight 1kg
TL12 cost. Cr2,500 weight .25kg

Nanotech lock knife
Using nanotechnology to create a form of self morphable liquid metal. The whole unit is about the size of a pocket knife. It contains all the grav and magnetic stabilizers needed for control of the blade and a tiny densitometer. This is used to decipher the mechanics of a lock system. The blade of this knife can alter it’s shape to fit the lock. Add +10 to all T/mechanical skill checks when attempting to pick a mechanical lock.

TL 12 cost. Cr1,000 weight 50g damage 1d2 size tiny
Mosquito Drone TL 12 10K Cr for base unit and four drones. Drones are approximately 5mm long and fly by flapping their wings. They are operated by a user with VR Goggles and a joystick. Endurence 30 minutes, range 500 m.

At TL15 the drones operate autonomously searching an area with a seemingly random pattern. It records everything it sees and hears to upload when it gets back to base. It can use its visual sensors to navigate and to avoid flyswatters.
The weather could realy mess you up with that one. Just think how many drones you could lose in a wind storm.

I was planing to make some thing like this for one of my Toys posts. Well you beat me to the punch this time :rolleyes: Good work... I think.
Lockpick ring - contains a mechanical pick suitable for opening handcuff locks, a thin but sharp coiled knife blade for plastic cuffs, and a one-shot, short range EMP generator capable of disabling electronically secured cuffs. More or less useless on other lock-types.
DogBot - standard 'petbot' from '101 Robots' covered in a very realistic fur. Dump the emotion sim program, substitute recon instead.

My old players jazzed one up considerably, buying a larger chassis the size of a german shepherd, packing in bolt-cutter jaws at one end, and a dispenser for plastic explosives at the other (with a suitable odorant added
These are some things my SW bounty hunter character had made, thought they could cross over pretty easily:

- Molecular Wire Ring/Watch: spring loaded reel of molecular filament for slicing thru locks, throats, bars, starship landing gear, etc. Think the bad guy had one in RoboCop 3 and/or Johnny Pneumonic

- Sonar Goggles: for really low light operations; utilizes sub/hyper sonic bursts to echo-map the immediate area; in passive mode can detect and display heart beats; operator can't be blinded by flash grenades or spotlights; auto-map feature allows operator to follow a planned route or map an area for follow-on operations. Down side is the requirement for atmosphere to work

- Body Signature Nullifier: produces pink noise to reduce heartbeat and movement noise of user; generates IR interference to reduce heat signature of user. Not quite a cloaking device but similar in operation

- Handheld Flamethrower: highly compressed flammable gel and white phosphorous mixed in combustion chamber and ejected thru nozzle; size of a whiskey flask; works like a thruster in zero G; can be set to detonate like a time bomb

- Electrified Glove: insulated glove with electrodes on index finger and thumb; battery pack straps to forearm; useful in stunning unsuspecting guards, zapping alarm systems, jump starting stranded motorists, etc.

- Expanding High Density Foam Adhesive: superglue meets silly string; dries hard as ferro-concrete; excellent for forcing locked doors open, creating hand and foot holds, rendering machinery inoperative, creating nifty Halloween decorations, etc. Once filled a turbine engine with this stuff, ruining the GM's carefully set up speeder chase thru Mos Eisley (even had built models!)
A wink

A smile

A stick of Chewing gum

A cigarette (now healthy 4 u!)

A lighter, see above

A pencil

Bits of string.
A wink

A smile

A stick of Chewing gum

A cigarette (now healthy 4 u!)

A lighter, see above

A pencil

Bits of string.
Nicely said. The fewer bits of impedimentia carried the better. Tons of sophisticated gadgets tend to be found if searched.

Of course this isn't real life and players love their gadgets. And I do love to subject them to customs searches as often as possible.
Slave Tag
A computer hacking version of the Punch Cards. When attached to a computer it downloads a basic Slave program. The Master program is of coarse on your spy`s hand comp. Removing the card will automatically break the connection. The card has chameleon camouflage so no one will know until it`s to late. The card must be preprogramed for a computer type, such as the positronic brain of a robotic vehicle. Anything with more than a standard safety system will not be affected by the hack, unless it is programed for that specific computer.
The rule for spy gadgets is something useful that looks like something totally innocent, even on close inspection.
Things such as;
- Video camera mounted in the top of a pen
- Knife of memory plastic in your belt
- Cryo storage unit inside a can of delapadory cream to hold dino embrios
- Computer memory storage cell mounted inside your cell phone comm unit

Then there is the different smuggling compartments shipboard, like the low berth tubes mounted inside the LHydro fuel tanks. Just rig the sadfty pannel beside the access hatch to read as full during inspections.