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Speech by a veteran pirate-hunter

Well in my mind convoys, as wel think of them don't make sense in traveller. A ship in Jump cannot be attacked, so all you need to do is heavily guard the rouns where ships must jump. You can station more or less permanent fleets at these points and then ships could jump from protected point to protected point withoput havien to have jump capable escorts making each jump. It means the mains may be relatively safe from pirates, but the other routes will be more subject to piracy.

Of course pirates who take on a main might act in concert, with a few ships creating a diversion to busy the defenders, and then a couple more ships to drop in and sieze the juicy prizes.
or you could hunt those whose jump entry points take them too far from the min body of of the defense force.
Of course, merchantmen being the timesavers they are, historically, won't use the standard jump out points. Instead they'll calculate a jump out point as close to their destination as possible. Many pirates (at least in my campaign)
will quietly take their prey while grounded & leave like a normal little trader. Or they'll try to lo-jack the ship (hack into its computer via commo & take it over that way)and steal it that way. Of a good enough computer system & operator(s)can take over escorts that way too.