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Shotguns and Misc. Weapons

Just a few questions regarding my perennial Traveller favorite--the shotgun.

1. What would the range increment and damage be for the standard slug round--as opposed to the buckshot round?

2. Speaking of the range increment, they can't be serious about 3m--can they? I mean, its range increment is 1/8 that of a body pistol, half that of a spear, and within the effective range of some melee weapons--not to mention that it only does 1d6 damage beyond a paltry 6m.

A couple of comments on the weapon table...

1. "support weapons" needs to be bolded and capitalized.

2. What is the correct weight for the LAG?

3. Does anyone have any ideas for Concussion Grenades (i.e. offensive grenades without fragmentation effect)?
After reading through the THB, and TAS 1, it says slug damage is the same as buckshot damage.

But I do agree with the range. I think it should be longer, maybe a 10 meter short range instead. Otherwise shotguns are pretty much useless in any environment besides a ship-boarding action (where a 3 meter range firefight is a lot more common).
On Shotguns: I may increase the range increment in my own games. and if any of my players ask might make rullings to allow for varient shot sizes, rifled bores, adjustable chokes, semiautomic and automatic actions.. etc... if they ask.

On Grenades: Heres an Idea literally off the top of my head. have grenades serve their design function in game engine terms. have them apply a temporary negative to the target's Initiative. even 'pin' them for one round. Grenades can be lethal but their use often in warfare is to get your opponent to waste time kicking them into grenade sumps and doing other things to cope from/recover from the blast. Allowing you to (thereotically) get the drop on him.
Originally posted by Farstrider:

A couple of comments on the weapon table...
2. What is the correct weight for the LAG?
You don't think 4kg is reasonable? Keep in mind that all it is, is a rifle with a massive round. The Round is .80Cal !! So the high strength requirement (14+) is to handle the recoil rather than to lift it.

4kg put the LAG as arround the same weight as a rifle (The ammo makes it a fraction heavier, but not enough to matter). Think of it as a short barrell anti-munitions rifle. (ie a stubby barrett)
Regarding shotgun ranges - the stats in the T20 book are actually fairly accurate for buckshot. Out to about 3 to 4 meters, the shot has not spread out at all, even with an open choke. Thus you get fairly impressive performance. From 4 out to about 6 to 8 meters, the shot cloud spreads out, but will still all impact a human-size torso. Beyond that, you start getting pellets missing a man-sized target. At that point, the slug becomes more effective. Ranges for slugs should be about the same as for the carbine, assuming a decent set of sights instead of a bead.
As far as the LAG goes, I always envisioned it as being a heavy-caliber semiauto BAR - big and heavy to counteract the greater recoil, but by no means unmanageable. Just for comparison, the .50 caliber is around 12.7mm, and the LAG is a 20mm. Makes you think......
Good description Mink. Mini-Barrett. That will put it in perspective with a couple of my players too I think.