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Ship Hull Type Question

What does the USP code for each type of hull mean?

I can find no use for it, as the USP code for the ship is determined by the tonnage, not hull type.

Additionally, why wouldn't almost all ships be Spheres? I can't see any reason a cylinder is better than a sphere, and is more expensive.
several configurations will affect the ability (and cost ) to streamline the hull. As for actual *use*, the configuration should have an effect on the accuracy of Meson Gun fire, but I'm not seeing the rule on a quick flip...
Its there...just found is, as I did for the rule that dispersed structures cannot be armored.

My one annoyance with the Traveller T20 book is that rules tie into things introduced 2 chapters ago, with no (See 2 chapters ago) reference. It assumes you already know things like the benefits of wedge designs.