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Research Station Gamma


Has anyone run the above CT adventure?

I would like to know what your results were. I am writing a sequel, and I would like to have a reasonable basis for what happened before.
Hmm, well we spent about 2 hours hanging around the bar from the opening scene, got in the middle of some sort of submarine whale-hunt with a band of natives, and IIRC never even came close to the station itself. However, this was in only a single session of play, and I suspect may not be a typical result.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by MT++:
I am writing a sequel, and I would like to have a reasonable basis for what happened before.[/B]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

This is less an observation about RSG specifically, and more an observation about where a potential sequel might lead.

Research Station Zeta is in the Five Sisters subsector at Froin.

Candor and Andory, Droyne Worlds, are in the Five Sisters subsector.

Andor and Candory are literally ringed by Naval Bases with a couple of Scout bases thrown in for good measure.

According to Supplement 3, Five Sisters has a population of 1.8 billion with a maximum tech level of C (reached on two worlds).

District 268, in contrast, has a population of 2.5 billion and a tl max of D *AND* was settled first.

What is going on in the Five Sisters subsector *really*? It's in the middle of nowhere, it's not directly connected to the rest of the Imperium, it's got a very strong military presence, it's got an Imperial research station, and it's got two populous Droyne worlds.

Since settlement was stopped during the Psionic Suppressions, I would guess that someone in the Imperial military/nobility/whatever realized that the Droyne are not just psionic, but strongly psionic. Someone perceives them as a threat, so they've been cordoned off and are being studied, both by the scouts and by the research station.
That's some nice observation if I may say so.

I played RSG, but it was 20 years ago and I don't remember too much about it. I remember we rescued the 'prisoner' and opened just about all the spheres and let everything out to run riot.

Not long after that my character was arrested trying to sell Kinunir plans to the Zho's and spent a long time on Prison Planet :-(

Let me rephrase that:

Has anybody played this module and not been arrested in the first scene in the bar...
I ran it RSG (too many!) years ago, but it was a bit different from the printed one. In the RSG that I ran, the Droyne leader (Creejoydray?) that went to Vanejen in the Alien Realms product to find out about the Vanejen chirpers had already started uplifting the chirpers into full blown Droyne. Creejoydray had noted the disappearance of the Chirpers and had pieced together the story. He appealed under Imperial law to have the Chirpers released under the Cleon code ('All senients have equal rights'). Of course, the Imperial authorities denied all knowledge and in order to placate the Droyne, set up an inquiry. This determined that the old scientist at RSG had turned rogue. This gave the human players (who 'worked' for the subsector duke) carte blanche to enter the station to rescue the Chirpers. The trouble was that his robots were also a bit more standard than Ling Standard models. All was rescued, the Droyne were happy and Cheery the Chirper was caste as a sport and joined as an NPC for a while.

The general consensus about the bar scene and the criminality involved in RSG shows its weakness as an adventure - but then early trav was often about criminal behaviour.

By the way, war broke out on Vanejen between the human aristos and the Droyne and the Imperial authorities had to intervene big time (Droyne troops - you can't see them but they can see you AND they have psionically aided recon sports - fear the silly little birdies)