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Range and damage reduction Q

Slightly confused on range and personal weapons and precisely how this works...

P.154 of the THB - the Range section: Personal weapons are described as taking a -2 accuracy penalty per range increment (fine) and the damage roll is reduced by 1 dice.

Its that last bit - if this is done exactly as written in that section this means you can stand at 75m from a guy with a standard rifle and you cant be hurt as thats above one range increment, and the weapon has no burst rate to give more dice fo damage. It also means you cant be hurt standing 50m from a longbow, carbine or autopistol.

This seems just a little out of sync for me. Now the section ths comes form references the damage section as to how to apply it and in that section is the AR damage reduction and the removal of lowest dice and then point by point reduction.

So does this mean that the damage reduction by range is
a) a mistake
b) yes it really means a whole dice and most personal weapons function only in the first range bracket unless they can add more dice by burst fire
c) the reduction atually functions a bit like damage reduction on lifeblood by removing a dice of damage until you hit the last dice and then its point by point (and this affects stamina
d) It acts just like damage reduction giving and armour rating point virtually and it only affects lifeblood calculations

Any comments, either as to what the rules clarification is or how people deal with this issue ITTU

I have always used what you list as your third explanation, reduce the damage by 1 point for a 1 die weapon firing beyond its' first range increment, 2 points for ranges beyond twice the range increment etc.