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how will the revised D&D core books change T20 ? and will anybody consider doing a writeup for Humaniti (Darrians) ?
1) The Revised 3rd Edition books will not impact T20. It will add some material to the SRD, but I haven't heard that any of it's going to be radical changes, simply some new feats and class changes, none of which will impact T20.

2) Treat Darrians like normal humans. The big difference is in background and skill selections for classes, and those can be modified by the Referee to fit the milieu.

Hope this helps,
Too early to tell. If there are some new feats and skills that could be ported over to T20, futuristic/sci-fi genre, then QLI will address it. If not, then it's the individual gamer's preference.

D&D classes may not affect T20 since the T20 classes are accepted standard option in this game.

Hit points and saving throws (although I hope the revised rules will mention that natural 1/20 equals auto-success/failure) may not affect T20. Attack of Opportunity will be clarified to minimize confusion.

Personally, it's been only 2 years. Didn't think we need a revised D&D core rules until 2005.