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Planet/System address or location

Ok... several times, I've seen people list planets as having a name, the UWP, and the three digit number representing their gas giants, belts, and population exponent. However, I've also seen them listed with a whole bunch of other numbers. So far as I can tell, nothing in the T20 materials explains these numbers, and I'm still saving up to purchase some of the other stuff out there for other Traveller systems. Anybody have any information on what these numbers mean in relation to planetary or system locations?
There's a very, very small chance that someone's using Ring/Ray notation. Seen from one point of view, they could look like an annoying string of random digits:

For example, 9930/62724 would be the galactic coordinates for Regina (9930 Ring/Ray 62724).
Yes, an example would be good.

I used to put stellar companion orbit information in the "notes" part of the UWP (between the TL and the PPG), but that's it.
Figures. Now I need the damn extra numbers, I can't for the life of me find one... I know I saw them recently in one of the T20 adventures... Published ones, that is. I'll keep digging.

How many numbers are you talking about?

MT's WBH introduced an expanded tech level rating system. The single TL number from the UWP could be expanded into something like 10 or 12 numbers each representing a specific area of technology; medicine, energy production, water transportation, etc.

Expanded TLs do show up on some folks sites.

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Ok. I found one example, but it's not the initial one I was having problems with.

In the free download "Odysee" adventure, and also I believe in TAS 5, Objects of the Mind, planet addresses are given as follows: '..on the planet Blahblah (1123). Now, if that number was (0809), I'd assume it was the hex number within the subsector, but the subsector hex numbers don't go that high... or can they? Keeping in mind I've only used the T20 rules, so I may be missing key presumed knowledge.
It's the hex number for the sector map.

0101 is the top left hand hex, 3240 is bottom right.

Columns go from 0101 to 3201 along the top, rows are numbered 0101 to 0140.

It's the sector hex number. Pull out any canonical sector map; Marches, Rim, Gvuurdon, etc., and you'll see the sector hex numbers. All Traveller maps have them.

Yes, hex numbers in the blank subsector maps don't go that high, but even when they printed only a subsector GDW used the sector number on it.

For example, my 'home' away from home is Grote A400404-B 1731. It's in hex 1731 of the Spinward Marches.

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Gotcha, thanks! That does help considerably. I've been listing sector location as (subsector name) (Hex #) which gets a little clumsy.
Yay! I suspected that it might be the sector hex number, rather than the individual subsector hex number.

Now, of course, Archhealer, if you need blank, subsector maps that have the sector hex numbers on them to build a sector, you can download them for free! from my website (URL below). Each subsector hex is numbered, just as described above by Sigg and Bill.

The very earliest CT books - before Charted Space was, well, charted - did tend to use single subsectors. You'd often see subsector maps with subsector hex numbers.

Also, early Traveller News Service bulletins focused exlusively in the Marches would often use "World/Subsector (Hex)"; it wasn't until the OTU was starting to be fleshed out that "World/Sector (Hex)" came into use.