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OGL Cybernet from MGP : a T20 centric review.

Hi all,

Just received my copy of Cybernet.

Honestly, it is a good ruleset to run a cyber game. With some tweaking it can also be used to run a SR2 game, as long as you change the damage system a lot (does not the same feel as SR2) and create a magic system which works the way it should to keep the same feeling (something like the psi rules but skill based instead of level based) it might even be fun to simply pull the damage system of SR2 and use it as it is in SR20.

TO get back to T20, you will find a set of rules to handle the "web" or matrix or virtual reality (matrix is (c) FASA used with permission in the movies). Really nice I kind of like it it has the same feeling as the matrix rules of SR3. A matrix round is 0.6 seconds if you got cyber gear.

You will also find a nice system for cybernetics, with grades. TL are missing though (will do something about it I think). Humanity or Essence (CP2020 or SR) is covered with a human capital based on charisma with loss of charisma when you reach a threshold. The fixed loss system of Shadowrun was better, but the randomness of the impact of the different system is not that bad, as it cn be mitigated with clinics using home rules. For example, this real expansive clinic can give you the minimum roll if you pay the price.

The loss of charisma is described as becoming colder and colder as you become less flesh and more machine and also as a psycho factor. Everything is left into the hands of the GM, which is nice for an OGL system which is not linked to a specific setting.

Finally, drugs are covered giving us some things to smuggle in T20 (TL are also missing as well as prices). I like the way the addiction is handled (a fortitude save with high DCs, which explains why you don't get automatically addicted to drugs when you use them).

The most annoying thing for us T20 DMs and players is the fact that all of this is done using the abstract welath system of D20 Modern. This is the most annoying part as it is kind of hard to run a merchant campaign with such a system (less granular).

This will also require some tweaking to be used in T20.

All in all, if you care for such things, it is a good buy and can be used in T20, which I will do in my game.

Remember the CT standard saying that Cyber is bad for health. It is possible that the imperial way is not the only way.

I will possibly post more on my thoughts on the T20 specifics later.