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Number of weapon for USP code.......

Hey all, I was wondering about the table for the ship weapon USP, which is used for damage, what do you do when you have an odd number of the ships weapons? Do you go to the next highest or the lowest USP code? For example, you have 3 triple turrents, is the USP code 4 or 5? If the rules do cover this could you please also iclude a page number.
It is the number of weapons collected together into a battery I believe that gives the USP code. You can have those three banks of 3 weapons as seperate batteries this having three sets of USPs or group them together into a single battery of 9 weapons and read off the USP for that.

If your number of weapons don't meet the needed number for the higher USP then they are wasted and you are better off trying to re-juggle your batteries to get the most effective use. Hence in answer to your question it would go to the lower number as you have not met the requirement for the higher damage total.