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NASA enlists help of GREYS in return to moon!


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OK, not THE greys as in ETs

Apollo Vets to help NASA

Sounds a bit like the typical Traveller patron call.

Government to retired PC spacers "We need some expert help with our return to space. So what do you say?"
"No bleeding way!! #@! Them battlestations up there have been infected with the VIRUS!!"

"Ok, how much did you say...and that private island in the tropics...well, maybe..."

"Just because, I was up there once doesn't make me an expert but here is a list of things that I will need...budget cuts, eh? Ok, maybe items one through twenty-five...no dice, eh? Ok how about transportation, danger pay and a vacc suit."

"So long as you folks can get the nursing home to change our bedding, at least once a week, you got yourselves a team!"

"Back in the good ole days, there was patriotism. Now, I gotta ask - will you pay my hospital bills?."

Just a few suggestions...
:D ;)
I wonder what their budget is?
Are they being paid at their "Old" rate or have they received hefty COLA raises?

Are they "Just" consultants or are they thinking about going up aagain?
Good questions. If it was me I'd be begging to go up again, and I'd do it all for free if they said yes
Of course they seem to be talking more about the techs and engineers who built the stuff than the astronauts.
I'd ask for 'no taxes for life' or is that only if I have to go up and destroy a giant asteroid that's falling towards Earth...
Armageddon and space cowboys, both.

Both worthy and good. Life imitating art again, eh?