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Modifying Ships

OK, slap me if I missed something, but I have a question. Are there any rules for what modifications can be done to an existing ship, what kind of time it would take, cost etc?

For instance, what if I wanted to slap a point or 2 of AR onto my far trader? Do I do it like in ship design and just subtract the cargo space I lost? I need a timeline too and maybe a DC to roll to see if there are any problems or delays (what skill should be used even?). I'd also assume the cost would be a little higher than the "as designed" cost due to issues like interferences or systems integration needed to modify the system(s).

Any answers would be great. Later
If you're modifying a design to be built then just change the stats and you'll be fine.

If however you are modifying a ship that has already been constructed I don't think you can just subtract the cargo space and get levels, there would have to be a lot more to it.
Assuming that It's an Empress Marvana Far Trader (So that I can see the picture.

If you add the armour on the inside:-

i) All the staterooms get slightly smaller - You can probably move some interior walls and only lose one of them.

ii) The Bridge/Avionics would have to move back slightly - you would have to re-mount the entire avionics - this promises to be expensive

iii) The Engines would have to be un-mounted - and then re-mounted further in - Even more expensive than the avionics.

iv) Good News - Plating the inside of the cargo bay should be easy.

On the whole - a bad idea

Options 2: Plate the armour on the outside

You would have to get the jump grid removed and then place it on the outside of the new armour. (Assume cost 1/3 of the jump drive)

Displacement goes up. I would be tempted to add an extra JDrive module to keep the Jump 2 - otherwise you would be jump1. This will chew a little cargo space for the extra fuel.

Option 3: Just plate the inside of the cargo bay.

This will chew a little bit of cargo space, however will only protect that section (roll hit location, and then maybe reduce damage)

But probably not what you want.

None of the above are good options
Better things to do:-
i) Upgrade the Power plants - This will give you some agility while firing weapons - More effective than armour - also a high tech plant takes up less room & delivers more power
ii) Upgrade the computer (and possibly sensors) Gives you better targetting etc - and takes very little space (I would have it eat into the crew lounge - effectively removing a stateroom - gives you a total of 5dT for computers etc
iii) Forget about trying to give any combat potential to the crate - put a 15dT vehicle bay in the cargo hold (drop launching) and put a fighter in it. A decent 15dT fighter will kick anything the Far trader would have a hope against. Getting a permit to have a fighter, passing customs inspections, buying one etc etc are problems left to the student.

Does this help at all - It's all just my opinion.

Alternatively find the own of a 200dT Fleet Tender (armoured far trader) and try and swap with him - ie design the ship from scratch.
Actually, I was looking for some hard reference numbers. Adding say 1-2 points of AR w/ advanced materials probably wouldn't be too hard, at least compared to increasing the power plant. I guess this confirms my suspicion that there are really no hard rules for how to upgrade ships, other than obvious stuff like replacing or adding turrets to hardpoints. Seems like a bit of an oversight for a game that often tend to revolve around drifting through the universe in a beat up old far trader.

That reminds me, when said rules come out, how about T/Naval Architect to handle such design issues. Just an idea, because it seems that if your characters do get into heavily modding already existing ships, there's no direct skill to cover the actual design process/implementation.
I like the sound of that.

The Naval Architect Feat as the "boundary" on ship size.

Each Week of Design rolls vs t/Naval Arch skill - target number based on amount of "overhead" you are willing to accept. (Synergy from t/Eng, t/Mech and t/Elec)

DC15 - New COmponent 30% Bigger
DC20 - New COmponent 20% Bigger
DC25 - New COmponent 15% Bigger
DC30 - New Component 10% Bigger
DC35 - New Component 5% Bigger
DC40 - New Component the same size.

Expenses increase by twice the size change (ie 5% bigger costs 20% more) - possible salvage cost on the old parts.

Once the Architect is happy with there design (ie either time has run out or they have a plan with minimal change overhead) then it can be implemented by a dockyard using t/Engineering, t/Electronic or t/Mechanical (or possibly all three)

A Fumble on the Design roll means a flawed plan that is either un-implementable or useless once implemented.

The Reductiuon in size of higher tech parts probably means that most ships would end up as patchworks - I like that idea. Also makes getting hold of parts more fun.