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A message from a traveller in Perth, Australia to the rest of the travellers in the world:

** Merry Christmas **

It is now nearly 0100hrs (25Dec) local time here. Mummy and Daddy have helped Santa fills the stocking and bags for our two kids and sent him on his way to his next stop.

Recently received notification from Air Services Australia website about his flight plan across the New Zealand's and Australia's airspace. Interesting reading for the children.

Wherever you are and whichever religion you believe in, I hope that this time of year brings you continued hope and peace for the year to come.

Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone
Yay! Hannukah! Yay! Christ's Mass!

The 41st Independent Squadron is hosting a party with lots to eat and more than that to drink.
Yes, i hope you all had a stressfull-icy-road-scared-to-hit-a-tree-christmas...

because thats what i do every year; drive alot, then eat alot and getting no sleep until the 26th.


"Wiggle-flap-flip-flop-wiggle-wave-wave-flap!" ;)

(Translation from the original Hiver: "Peace and Goodwill to all beings. And the Chi-Squared Test to those K'Kree.....")
Originally posted by Alan Lee Spik:
Felicitations to all during their cultual midwinter festival and the coming year. Even the mindraping Zhos. ;)
Oh, no, you misunderstand! We Zhodani don't rape minds. We merely watch minds to make sure they don't cause social disruption - after all, we just want to make sure everyone's happy and having happy holidays! :D
A moment of peace throughout the universe...

Then it's business as usual and the next Frontier War ;)

Peace to All!
Hope yo all had a Merry Christmas, it's now early afternoon Boxing Day and we're all budy relaxing while #1 son plays with ALL the thousands of toys he got. I still haven't setup the drum kit for him and am desperate for the electronic keyboard batteries to run out.
Marko (17 mths) woke up and looked at all the presents. Said the equialant in babese, "Hey, Papa those weren't here before..." then he proceeded to take the gifts and distribute them to us to open them. His favorite was still the stuffed purple bear followed by a few books (frog in winter) making his two librarian parents very proud.
... And a Happy new year, i'm leaving for the mountains, back on Monday.

I’m going to ski the **** out of the slopes and return a healthier man.