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knife or gun?

Oh, hey Tod there was a post the other day about resources for basic weapons and I was gonna link your site's Mercenary section but couldn't find my bookmark (like travellercentral is so hard to remember :rolleyes: somedays I wonder if my mind is online

Anyway its good to see you pop by and remind me. If you're interested the post was here.

Yeah, nothing like new toys. Its kinda hard to take it seriously except in cases where you shouldn't be carrying a gun and then you're breaking the law anyway so why not have something more effective or at least silenced so you don't get caught ;)

I agree knife and body pistol fits. Mostly a toy but could be handy in some situations. And you could even load it with non-lethal rounds, like trang.
I recall that they had a knife/gun (2 individual shots only) combo issued to military engineers working in the Pacific Theater during WW2.

Honestly, I don't see the point (no pun intended, really) of a knife/gun, unless it was a rifle/bayonet combo.

... Now, what was that line from The Untouchables...?
The point is concealment. Law level might permit long knives. And as The Untouchables shows, making the opponent think you only have a knife can get the drop on him.
Far Trader silenced weapons arent usually as "silent" as people make out. They certainly wont make much difference to your chance of being caught.

Infact to avoid arrest i would rather use a shotgun since I figure they are much harder to trace. Big spread of shot rather than a single bullet.
I find that a knife is generally very quiet, it's the guy you stab or cut that starts screamin' that wakes up the neigbors.

I think as a way to carry a shooter on a lower tech highlaw world it's useful dingus, a nasty surprise bringing a gun to a knife-fight. Higher TL detectors make even body pistols detectable, so after TL8 you gotta stick with the letter o' the law.
Unless you can figure out a way to circumvent the detectors.

Everytime a new defense system is developed eventually a weapon will be made to counter it and vice versa.
Well yeah, but the higher TL detectors are gonna be fast and cheap and gunpowder is a fairly easy propellant to detect today.

A low-tech toy like that knife-pistol ain't much in the way of sophisticated hold-out technology. It's even fairly large as knives go. I suppose a version constructed of TL15 advanced materials might spoof earlier TL gear, if that is what you're getting at.
Not suggesting the knife gun is an answer. They do do a tiny gun in a key ring now which is pretty lethal.

Thats what I meant you bring in stuff from higher tech levels to circumvent the security systems.
But consider during the first gulf war and before it. We had buy/rent older minesweepers/ detectors because Iraq and Iran were using WW2 mines. So Black power rifled pistol could be just as deadly as a laser or knife and harder to detect since it is so out of date.
There's always a way to get past the checks, if you've got the time, money, will, and smarts. The thing Corejob posted ain't a holdout dingus, it's just a knifegun that appears pretty nicely done, but a retarded monkey cop could find it doing a pretty basic search.

There's a plastic knife in MT that I think is the ideal for concealment.
As was said in the immortal words of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels:

'Guns for show, knives for a pro'
Or to paraphrase Leon

The first weapon you will learn is the gun. As you improve so you will get closer to the target. The last weapon you will master is the knife.

Having used a bayonet for real I kinda prefer to keep my targets distant, at least 2 or 3 kays. ;)
Greetings and salutations,

How about a toothbrush? Although I cannot remember how it is done, but it can be turned into a crude bladed weapon. I have seen knives hidden in the barrels of ink pens as well. Cut someone just right and it will get the job done. Concealability is no problem since you can buy what you need at any store. If that does not suit your fancy, there is always the ever trustworthy baseball bat.

That's why they refuse to let me play the enemy.
Takes alot to master the knife too.

Personally the bayonet I was issued while a carried an SA80 was a rubbish little thing and you probably wouldent have time to attach it.

A machete or falchion type weapon or just a big combat knife (Sykes or Kabar)is better should you ever suddenly be the victim or a close up attack.

Yes you can sharpen a toothbrush to make a plastic shiv and if you have a razor you can remove the blades and attach them to it.

Baseball bat? Your better off with a sledgehammer you dont even have to try to kill them to do the job just tap their forehead with it.