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Jump Spindles/ LASH systems

I didn't have a question on how to design a Jump Spindle, (Or the civilian equivalent of a Battle Tender.
) I was pointing out that the jump drives for those governments in Gateway with insufficeint TL for JUmp-2 would probably rely on imports. Either components or entire ships. Using a "Jump Spindle" a Jump Shuttle, or a Supp 9 Jump ship would work nicely for part of the answer. Though if you are going to import the drives, why not just install them in a conventional ship? Or import the entire ship?
Now cheaper versions can be built using USL hulled modules, of course...and lower tech "jump frames can also be done.
The OTU SDB's are frequently moved using "jump pods" (a jumpdrive and fuel tankage hulled vessel) that locks onto the stern, and moves them from System to system. Or even to outer edge in micro jumps...
For TNE era stuff, I utilized these in my campaign, as well as old X-boat Tenders to ferry up to 3x 200dtnlighters around in a pocket empire along a J-1 main.