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Jump Space

Jump Space

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See my topic on Solo Games for how I would handle it
The Poll only allows one choice - boo

In answer - When there is a lot of activity whilst in J Space, Roleplaying it - down to the last square.

When there is some atcivity during JSpace, fair bit of roleplay

When there isn;t anything exciting happening "OK - Jump happens, anyone want to do anything special".

The Last case is diminishingly small, but has happened. There is always at least a maintainance list to make some rolls on.

Players who don't do maintainance, are normally still working on something that needs adjudication.

Jump time isn't dead time, it's isolated time. Even if the only thing keeping them company is their fears.

Even in the last case, I would always have a refreshment break.
Originally posted by The Mink:
The Poll only allows one choice - boo
Sorry; the poll creator doesn't do multiple choice well. I realize that different situations call for different methods, but I kind of meant, well, in general.
I tend to make allowances for a shift change on board ship-the Jump shift-keeping an eye on stuff/ but almost all other stations on the ship shut down save those involved in keeping her trim in the jump-"bubble".
The Players use that time for R & R, training, rehearsals, etc for the next system/ or the adventure their on.
Only a few adventures I've seen actually take place DURING jump time, usually involving mayhem/misjump embolisms, etc.

my .000000125Mcr worth...YMMV :D
I actually did some in Jump roleplaying and rolls in my recent Five Sisters Conspiracy storyline. This mostly dealt with the Immortal Hiroshi.

During one trip Hiroshi got involve with the training of the Imperial Marines and S3 details. This included a nice bout with the ImpMar Gunnie. After the bout the Gunnie helped Hiroshi in polishing is freefall tactics and EVA ops in heavy vacc suits.

One bit of color the one of the S3 squad was betting on Hiroshi, because they trained with him at the Navy/Scout base. The base training resulted in couple of sprained wrists for the S3s, and they got chewed out because they on alert for possible deployment.

During one trip the crew celebrated New Years. This involved a formal dinner with toasts to the Emperor, memorials, and countdown to midnight. Hiroshi, being a fashion plate and ego, dressed up to out do the captain and the Darrian VIPs. Penrose, my PC/NPC, actually got a kilt of his family tartan. This was consider a minor social oops with the Imperial Marines dress uniform kilt option.

After the successful raid of the compromised scout base, the task force was heading back with captures Ancient (Yes, them!) agents. These agents were biotech mod to sense the presense of fellow agents and the opposition. Hiroshi's Immortal Buzz (detect other Immortals) was detecting them and vise-versa. Unfortunately they discover during the trip back that long term contact between Hiroshi and the agents was irritating to other. This was causing outbursts and hair-trigger tempers. This lead to an altercation with Hiroshi and the forementioned ImpMar Gunnery Sarge. The only solution was
to have Hiroshi as far away from the brig as possible, which meant he had to stay in the hangered scout or the foreward most turret or supply closet.
How do you, as referree, handle each week spent in Jump?
I took the most common answer. I must say we do some combination of the choices. We've had a series of sessions that lasted one jump in addition to the more common highlights I selected.
I picked the 'high points' option.

When the ship jumps, i ask the players if they have anything planned beyond watching holovideos or routine exercise and such. If their answer is no, and I don't have a shipboard encounter planned, I let them know they jumped and skip ahead to their return to real space. If they want to do something special during the time, or if i have an event planned, I'll play out as much of the week as is required, then skip ahead to the end of the jump.
For myself, what I will probably do will be between "Role-play and adjudicate major...," "Do a synopsis of each day...," and "Do a short synopsis of the high points."

I plan on coming up with a system for NPC's downtime that might or might not involve the characters; essentially random encounters while in jump, if the PC ship has passengers aboard. Medical emergencies, equipment failures, seduction attempts, hijack attempts, et al. should have at least a small chance to liven up Jump-time. Hell, maybe some of the characters are occasionally subject to cabin-fever or something (though I can see that most of those types wouldn't go looking for a career in the space-lanes).

I just finally got the T20 book, so it'll be a little while before I start implementing anything in a game.
Fer an idea of what to fil jump time with-look into web sites for Travel cruise lines itineraries (what the passengers do while at sea (not in port)...jus' a suggestion! (Okay-Lifeboat/Ship'sboat/pod drill! Mr Purser here will demonstrate...) ;)
Most often, I use jump time for some character bookkeeping (the PCs mostly heal and train in J-Space). Besides that, if there's no event I just follow the mood of the evening, if the Players want to get to some place unknown to them, I allow for some research through their Library Data.
And, of course, there's room for very much roleplaying, becoming acquainted with NPCs, having sex ( I once roleplayed with a couple, and when they asked what to do in J-Space, ohh... I think that's not appropiate here

But if I haven't prepared something and the players don't do anything then it's just:" O.K. now you're there."
I just joined a PBEM game, I have a LONG list of thinks to do during our first jump.

A week of "downtime" will give me more than enough time to study deails of the ship. Then there is maintenance. (it would be an imtu thing, but I'll bet any of the reutine monthly maintence that does not require a dock, or taking the power plant or jump drive down can be run while in jump.

Ships comp programming, will likly take several jumps alone, before I get everything keyed the way I will want it.

I haven't played for a very long time, and in those days, yeah, jump was just jump. It happened, now it's over. But players seem a lot more sophisticated, and my characters NEVEr seem to have enough time to get every thing done. Nearly doupleing the time available, especially since it is outwise dead time will really allow me time to get things done.

Just my .02cr but there it is.

Mr tek.
Ever look at "Missions of State"? The Gauntlet Cruise is designed to be run while in jump.
It totally depends on circumstances... sometimes just throwing the dice and cutting to normal space after jump and sometimes playing through interactions with NPCs or among the PCs.
Tends to be a combination of the lot; depends really on the players, the scenario/adventure, and how lazy I might be at the time ;)
my groups take was always that the time was glossed over unless an adventure element happened while in jump. it wasn't "dead time", and characters might do certain things (eg treat injured, Fish for Plot Hooks with the passengers, ect), but unless we needed to RP it, it just happened as their was no reason to keep playing it.
As my current (and sadly soon to end game) played out, my players had a ship full of NPCs. While I did create an NPC-NPC reaction table, it actually rarely played out as I was hoping (I can barely handle me, let alone 6 NPCs who ended up as mostly background). So I had the players roll for continuing ed, basically: they were trying to improve skill levels, so a number of successful rolls would have led to potential chance to improve a skill. Sadly they kept rolling low.

On the other hand, the last 3 jumps the scientist was making research rolls and rolled high each time. So apparently he was on the right track!

But basically we'd end a session as they entered jump, and come back RT two weeks later and pop out of jump next session. We fluffed over a lot of the transportation part as the ship had been serviced prior to this trip and they had competent engineers.
Story and Random Encounters

Travelling through jumpspace? Net-7 News reports:

If a bit of storied or random encounters evidenced, it was a challenge to me, the Referee, to wing a suggested happenstance, adjudicate PCs planning, fix a broken system or component, repair a device, weapon or armor. Fix the coffee machine in the galley. Have a role-play moment between characters, passengers, VIPs. Check for jumpspace weirdness, (see File: Lanth Abyss) and train up a chosen skill with help from the ship's computer and Library. Have a corporate meeting. Debate a moral issue before jump precipitation when it will be too late then. Tune a system taken offline during jump. Prepare First Meal to the delight of crew and passengers. Bake a final day cake or other dessert. Earn a Steward tip by kissing Charisma tail. Check on the Low Passengers sleeping. Crunch the ship's accounts. Celebrate a character's birthday with a party in the cargo bay. Check the Library for speculative cargo options at the next world.

These things are all dice-worthy skill checks. Any of these topics can be winged ad-lib at a moment's notice to keep a week in the hole interesting.

Live from Cartography, this is the Pakkrat for Net-7 News!
Jump mostly just advanced the timeline. Might be different if my personal experience included long train and cruise trips, or the original rules had given examples.