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Jump fuel consumption

In the description for the scout/courier it lists the fuel capacity of 24 tons. On page 265 of the THB the Jump-2 engine is listed as using 10 tons of fuel (at least I think that's what it means).
So, does this mean that the ship can jump 2 parsecs, use 10 tons of fuel, and then jump again immediately afterwards? (effectively extending the range of the scout to 4 parsecs rather than 2)

So, am I reading this right? I would love to be corrected on this one.
The Jump-2 engine requires 10 tons of fule PER drive unit. The scout has 2 jump-2 drive units, so it requires 20 tons of fuel for 1 jump.
I don't have the book here so I can't comment, but does the 100 ton Scout really have 2 Jump units? Why when 100 tons is the smallest jump capable should it need two units? Wouldn't it be more logical for the smallest ship to only need one unit? I'm talking from a manufacture point of view here not necessarily a game point of view.
A jump-2 drive unit requires 1.5 tons each. If you read the build of the Scout on page 325, under design specs/ jump drive it lists -3 tons. Therefore it shows 2 units of jump-2 drive.

and we'll break it down...

Chart on p 259. A 100 ton ship requires 2 drive units. So we move to p 265. which says each jump-2 drive unit requires 1.5 tons of space, and 10 tons of fuel for 1 jump.

Therefore a 100 ton scout needs 3 tons of jump drive and 20 tons of fuel.

Make sense?