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imperium folding money


has anyone did any pdf, docs etc of imperium money.
Currently I using the free monopoly play money pdfs to make some.
Swordy had a few of the promotional credit notes that were issued with JTAS. Also, there is a plan to release something like this through T20.
I am using the monopoly money as a base. Changing color and font to give my players some folding money. Currently I got the kilo credits redone. I need to print out on the color printer to see how they look. All the black on monopoly money just turn all the money nearly black.
Ten credit note looks good. I was thinking printing 5 to 10 per sheet.
I nearly finish with the folding money. It is on hold till Friday when I can buy new ink for my color printer. If any one want to review them send me an email/pm. Currently the sheets are word doc. (I will changing into a pdf if people like them.)
I had to change color schemes and wording a little bit each time due to lost of detail when printing on ink jet.

Traveller money sheets (17)
1, 5, 10, 20, 50,100, 500 (7)
1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 (7)
1, 5, 500 (3)

Why I made a 500 mega credit? I don't know maybe because I started doing the 500 as begining bill.
That money in the Star Wars Monpoly set is looking handy right now.

Had a picture of a Star Destroyer on them I think so if you squint it might look like a Type S.
I also working on a black and white version only for those who only have access to black ink copiers.
The 1 credit is done.
I remember reading somewhere that Credits are plastic chits rather than actual paper money. I envision them as something like the smart chip cards we have today. The card contains a balance that is updated whenever a transaction is made.
I collected about 20 of those 'fake' credit cards that come in the mail with the 'you are prequallified for a {insert bank or credit company here} card' letter. I spray painted a few of them black for megacredits.
Still undecided what to do with the transparent blue Discover cards though. They look kind of neat and it seems a shame to paint them.
I remember reading somewhere that Credits are plastic chits rather than actual paper money.

Actually, according to the Traveller Adventure, they start out as a solid block of plastic with an image emmbedded in it, then the block is shaved into foldable bills. But all of that was before credit/debit cards replaced cash in modern society.
[removed info on Monopoly/Cheapass Games' money since jasper's project is done]

As for the plastic credits, most opinion I have heard is that they are "one-sided" due to the nature of using colored fibers. However I'd argue that using pinpoint design you could design a slice that would either have a proper mirror image on the other side or a different design. It'd be difficult but this is a TL12-15 Imperium afterall. If nothing else the width of each slice and the number of slices in each stack would be known so design the threads to have x color here for so long then y here, then z there. Repeat number of slices in each stack, differ for each fiber as needed.

T4 main rulebook p. 63 (in the Equipment section) has Imperial Solars which are kinda like gift cards or pre-set amount debit cards. Granted it's T4 and nominally set for a earlier era but it was designed for use on lower tech worlds and (IMTU at least) for a bit outside the Imperium. The idea being that constructed at TL12 (or higher if your game isn't set in Year 100) they are fairly secure on a lower TL world (unique ID # etc.) while still being useable where a regular credchip/stick would not work.

Alternatively they could also just be "paper" money used when bills are needed. ;) Naturally certain elements of society would have a vested interest in currency like this.

Either way backed by the Imperium though can usually only be exchanged for Imperial credits in a few places (T4 sez Sylea :eek: only). Vilani Traditionalism getting in the way of ease of use again?

Personally, I prefer having credsticks with some sort of paper money/coins for certain transactions.

I am all done with money. Have two sets one for color and one for black toner only.
I create an zip file and uploaded here to flibrary.