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Ideas: CotI Best Of...


Hello everyone...

I was just thinking about this. There is some great stuff written here by almost everybody, but I think that we should keep some of the best and maybe compile it.

My idea was to make a "CotI Best Of" each month, putting in a single file (pdf/text/html?) the best fanfic/addon/explanation written for that month. Be it an in depth description of how the Imperium Legal System works, or extensive fleet organisation or Great Adventure Hooks, I think we should pull out the Great Stuff from the average post and put it in a place where it's easy to find and where it won't be lost in the archive roll-over.

How the stuff would be chosen? Well, it could be through someone submitting it and others voting for it. The resulting selection could be made available on the e-library as "CotI Best Of March/April/etc"

Any ideas?

That's a good idea, but my only suggestion is to maybe publish it in some sort of journal, with credits.
How to decide? Put it to a vote: when someone reds the article, they can decide how high it should rate. And the Board will keep the top ten per month. It could probably be done automatically...

If Traveller20 decides to publish it (via pdf or paper), they can send an email requesting permission, and the person's actual name for proper credit. There will probably have to be some legal boilerplace regarding copywrite: I recommend leaving copyright in the hands of the writer...
This sounds like a good idea if it could be implemented. It would provide a good place for newbies to start, being the best of the postings. And it could also bring some deserved recognition to great contributions, and maybe even inspire more :D
Originally posted by vegascat:
Best item in each category, or 10 best overall?
Hum... Personally, I would't limit the "Best Of" with such a low number.

10 good articles/ideas per month seems a tad low. maybe 20? Ideally, it could include any good ship desing/deckplans, plot ideas, descriptions/interpretation of the OTU or someone else TU, etc. so it could change from month to month.
I agree with Sandman - 20 is a bit better than ten here. We have some good Sci-fi nerds here ;) , so we should get enough ideals to satisfy the requirement.

After the Web Boss get a "top-20" going, perhaps Trav20 can look into publishing a .pdf file, maybe just once a year - so it won't interfere with more interesting projects.
Discounting the bureacracy /Admin section of this forum (and th Duty Free Zone) there are 20 such pages to choose from. Concur on the #20 idea. (no, not just a D20 thingy either! ;) )
Originally posted by Liam Devlin:
Discounting the bureacracy /Admin section of this forum (and th Duty Free Zone) there are 20 such pages to choose from. Concur on the #20 idea. (no, not just a D20 thingy either! ;) )
System Agnostic writing is always better since it's suited for more games

As long as it's traveller, there shouldn't be a problem...
this is a great idea , i would love to read all the best bits but i am not sure about the voting and it could all get very disjointed . the point of a thread is it is just that - a string of ideas/arguments/discussions you can follow or get involved in . most posts don't make sense on their own .
also , there is a danger of people changing the way they write , in an attempt for ( rather sad ) glory , possibly competing rather than co-operating . everyone may write more , to put the whole context in each post .
the only solution i can think of is to have an editor , someone who knows the teritory well , to pick out significant new contributions and threads .
sounds like a full time job , and i can't see anyone doing it .

of course , should anyone consider this to be a significant post , i could be persuaded to change my mind ......